So. Shores to test no left turn from U.S. 158 onto Dogwood Trail

By on May 2, 2018

Weekend traffic on Dogwood Trail. (Rob Morris.)

The Southern Shores Town Council has approved an experiment this summer to test the effectiveness of not allowing left turns from U.S. 158 onto South Dogwood Trail.

The narrow neighborhood street has long been popular with motorists trying to get north of Kitty Hawk while traffic is stalled on North Croatan Highway and N.C. 12, especially those who use traffic-mapping apps such as Waze.

According to Town Manager Peter Rascoe, the restriction will be in place on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is currently set for that weekend only.

Traffic devices placed by the town will block the left turn-lane at the intersection, and Southern Shores police officers will have a zero-tolerance enforcement policy on vehicles ignoring the directive, according to Rascoe.

“This action was taken with the knowledge and concurrence of the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Town of Kitty Hawk,” Rascoe said. North Croatan Highway is in Kitty Hawk, and the town line is just off the westbound shoulder.

A report by Southern Shores staff last August detailed a number of options for consideration, including a seasonal no left turn at South Dogwood Trail or blocking left turns at 12 intersections along U.S. 158 and N.C. 12.

Another option, which was the recommendation of a citizens committee formed in 2015, was to block roads and/or bridges all along Dogwood Trail.

A fourth selection from the staff was to create a “gated community” and access restrictions from U.S. 158 and N.C. 12 onto town streets.

The Town Council voted Tuesday for the no left turn option at U.S. 158/South Dogwood to take place for just a single weekend on a trial basis.

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  • Duane

    The only real solution to the traffic problems created by the influx of tourists in the summer is to build the Mid Currituck county bridge. I live about 5 miles North of the Wright Memorial bridge in Currituck co. I can not even come to the beach on a sat. unless I do it first thing in the morning or wait until late afternoon. The traffic backs up to my road or at least close to it every sat.

    Thursday, May 3 @ 8:16 pm
  • Manteoer

    I grew up on dogwood. If I lived there now I wouldn’t want to go all the way to east dogwood to get to my old home. If it’s a problem then make it a gated community like Martins point

    Thursday, May 3 @ 8:54 pm
  • John

    Why not just put a flashing sign a few miles before the bridge saying that dogwood and other southern shores streets are for local traffic only and will be strictly enforced as such. Put one cop car with lights flashing by kitty hawk elemenatry and another on e dogwood and issue citations for any violators. Locals can show anything verifying their address: registration, license, even a bill or junk mail. Cops wouldn’t even need to check anyone with OBX**** plates. Problem solved

    Thursday, May 3 @ 9:22 pm
  • Dan

    What about the idiots that work for the city of Duck that thought it would look pretty to build flower boxes in the center lane of hay -2 on the north and south end of Duck? Duck it’s the cause of the traffic issues on North 12 and they will now make it worse. Brilliant. Install temporary elevated crosswalks in Duck during the summer or build the MCCB bridge. The decisionmakers in Duck are fools.

    Friday, May 4 @ 3:30 am
  • Carol

    For those of us who live in Southern Shores and who still work (imagine that!) this is not a good sign. You are implementing arrangements that may benefit the retirees but not average working people, and a lot of people work weekends here. What do you think keeps this economic engine going? None of us likes the summer traffic nor the speeds people might go (although I’ve observed plenty of unsafe driving by locals, too.) I’m a bike rider so super sensitive to all this. But folks, get used to the fact that you live in a tourist destination. It’s a big part of the economy! If this were any number of cities, this type of traffic would be a year-round problem. I agree with some of the comments that the Currituck bridge should be built — the pros outweigh the cons. And timing/controlling the crosswalks in Duck is an interesting idea, too. Maybe we should use the traffic on Dogwood Trail as an advertising opportunity, ie, “if you were vacationing in Southern Shores, you’d be ‘home’ already!”

    Friday, May 4 @ 9:57 am
  • Darkseas

    The no left turn is only half a solution. When outbound traffic starts backing up on the weekend mornings, that traffic will start turning right onto East Dogwood and will go through the neighborhood streets.

    Meanwhile, residents on the Dogwoods who obey the no left turn and do not take the obvious bypasses alluded to by many posters here will find themselves caught in this outgoing traffic as they try to get home.

    I’m glad we are trying this, but I’m afraid the residents of the Dogwoods will be disappointed if it gets implemented on a permanent basis. The test is too early in the season to produce typical results.

    As many others have said here, the solution is the MCCB.

    Friday, May 4 @ 5:07 pm
  • Matt

    Make it only accessible to residents and workers who show a valid drivers license or pay stub. I know we would never make it to work if left without that option. These people show up at 9am to check in at 4pm and how are they checking in at 4pm when we can’t even get there until noon to get a job done?

    Friday, May 4 @ 6:47 pm
  • Bud

    The only viable solution to our major problems is to reduce the amount of tourists, especially the yankees.

    Saturday, May 5 @ 6:26 am
  • casey neal

    When SS uses the term “experiment”, it raqises the possibility of success…or failure.

    As the greenest student of Traffic Engineering knows, actions like the novices at SS are taking only move the problem to another area. This goofy action is doomed to failure.

    Duck Woods Drive will become U-turn central, and people will also clog the Marketplace and WalMart entrances to U-turn.And, if anyone is foolish enough to take NC 12, roads leading to S. Dogwood Tr, will be clogged with traffic.

    SS needs a reality check. The only cure is the Mid-County bridge.

    Saturday, May 5 @ 7:17 am
  • Bud

    The mid-county bride will only accelerate the destruction and demise of Currituck/Dare county area.

    Sunday, May 6 @ 7:14 am
  • Sans

    Since “This action was taken with the knowledge and concurrence of the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Town of Kitty Hawk,” does this mean these streets are supported by NC & KH taxpayer dollars?

    If these roads are funded (part or whole) by tax payers outside of keep them open. If SS wants to denie access they should not receive NC & KH taxpayer dollars

    Build the mid-county bridge!

    Sunday, May 6 @ 7:42 am
  • Marsh

    Besides the Mid-county bridge, doing something about the speed limit thru Duck might help, maybe increasing the limit on the weekends for the summer with lights for a few pedestrian crossing. Maybe have police officers direct traffic to get out of southern neighborhoods north of Sea Oats. Duck’s speed limit is an issue and I know with all the side streets it is necessary, but there has to be a better way to keep the traffic moving.

    Sunday, May 6 @ 9:34 am
  • Linda

    I agree with JOHN’s comment written May 3, 2018 @9:22pm. This is a much more reasonable task for our SSPD. That should be the “experiment” and it would result with success. I hope the Chicahauk neighborhood does not get jammed up with tourist traffic with the June 23/24 “experiment”. Will follow comments and contribute my comments as well. Good luck residents as we sit back watching this “experiment” unwind.

    Sunday, May 6 @ 3:10 pm
  • Bud

    Today’s tourons create more trouble than they are worth. Our economy here was much better with the previous demographic.

    Monday, May 7 @ 5:46 am
  • sortudo

    Hey “Bud”,
    This is still America? Right?
    Stop with your hatred toward your fellow Americans. I find your comments anti-thetical to what it means to be a citizen of this country.

    Tuesday, May 8 @ 4:27 pm
  • Bud

    Truth is not hatred.
    The facts speak for themselves and are not opinionated.

    Wednesday, May 9 @ 6:49 am
  • Ozzy3

    I’m glad I will be out of town that weekend! I agree with Bud, if the Mid-Currituck Bridge is built, the Outer Banks as we know it will become Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach. We are on the path of destruction.

    Monday, May 14 @ 11:35 am
  • Dave

    Maybe the townsof Kitty Hawk, Duck, Corolla and Southern Shores should cease further housing development or limit house (capacity) size? Perhaps creating better infrastructure to handle the numbers of people coming to the area to vacation should be looked at? Sitting in hours of traffic to get to your home or vacation rental is unacceptable. Sure, take the good with the bad but it’s a fact that the area north of 158/12 is not capable of handling the volume it sees in season. Municipalities want the tax revenue but don’t want to truly solve the problems all the building is causing. The ONLY solution to alleviating traffic, and at the same time making the area more safe, is to build the Mid Currituck Bridge, just do it already.

    Monday, May 14 @ 2:29 pm