Hanig attacks Boswell’s past just days ahead of election

By on May 4, 2018



A mailer from the campaign of Republican N.C. House candidate Bobby Hanig includes a list of past court appearances and the driving record of his opponent in Tuesday’s primary, 6th District Rep. Beverly Boswell, that date back to the 1980s.

Boswell’s campaign called on the Currituck County Board of Commissioners chairman to apologize for the attacks, which it said are the same as those made two years ago during the general election.

Also included in the mailer that arrived in mailboxes Thursday were statements that Boswell incorrectly listed her profession as a registered nurse online and that she voted against allowing state bond money to be used by Dare County to build a new campus for College of The Albemarle.

And it listed Boswell’s support for repealing the Outer Banks ban on plastic shopping bags and offshore exploration for oil and natural gas.

“I wanted to run a clean campaign since the beginning,” Hanig said in a phone interview with The Voice after the mailer had been released.

“But she has consistently bashed me throughout the campaign,” Hanig said. “It was time for people to know the facts. No name calling, no innuendo.”

Boswell’s spokesperson Luke Stancil issued a statement later Thursday, calling the mailer “shameful, personal attacks against Representative Boswell, making her relive her history as a victim of domestic violence.”

“I call on Bobby Hanig to apologize for his shameful attack on Representative Beverly Boswell and all women who have suffered as victims of domestic violence across North Carolina,” Stancil said.

It’s not the first time Boswell’s past has been the subject of a political mailer like Hanig’s.

Hanig’s mailer arrived in many mailboxes on May 3.

In the fall of 2016, a political action committee known as Families First detailed some of the charges against Boswell listed in Hanig’s mailer that date back three decades.

The Families First mailer was criticized by members of both the Republican and Democratic parties for bringing into the 2016 campaign issues that Boswell said arose from a divorce.

Boswell went on to win her first term in the House that November.

“There should be no place for these types of attacks in politics in eastern North Carolina, and we should show respect and care to the millions of women who are victims of domestic violence,” Stancil said in his statement Thursday.

“The facts stand for themselves,” Hanig replied.

Hanig had previously taken a jab at Boswell on March 26, after news organizations across the state reported on Boswell’s occupation controversy.

The North Carolina Nursing Board requested she change references made on Facebook about being a registered nurse, and it was corrected to medical assistant phlebotomist. Boswell said the error was made by a campaign volunteer.

At The Outer Banks Voice/Milepost Magazine legislative candidate forum in April, Boswell reiterated her stance on funding construction at COA Dare, and the plastic bag and offshore drilling issues.

According to court documents provided by the Hanig campaign to multiple media outlets within minutes of the mailer’s distribution, Boswell had 42 charges levied against her between 1991 and 2002.

They including felony embezzlement, trespassing and bounced checks in Nash, Edgecombe and Pitt counties.

Boswell was arrested on the felony count in Rocky Mount on Nov. 11, 1991. The nature of the charge was not included in the court documents, other than a “Date of Offense” of July 26, 1991.

She entered a plea of no contest and was convicted of misdemeanor larceny on August 6, 1992. A request of prayer for judgement was granted by a Nash County District Court judge who disposed of the case.

The second-degree trespassing charge was also in Nash County on July 21, 1991 at an address that Boswell listed as her home at the time. It was dismissed without leave by the District Attorney.

Between 1991 and 1993, Boswell was charged with 40 counts of either simple worthless check or worthless check written on a closed account, all misdemeanors, for checks that ranged between $2.20 and $962.36

Boswell pleaded guilty in all cases, and they were either disposed of by a judge, dismissed by prosecutors or granted a waiver by a Magistrate or Clerk of Superior Court.

An in-depth breakdown provided by Hanig’s campaign of 25 moving and non-moving violations by Boswell date back to 1980. Most of the citations were from 1991 to 1993 in Nash, Edgecombe and Johnston counties.

After being cited in 2004 in Dare County for driving while license revoked, which was reduced to driving with no operators license, she had a clean driving record until 2016.

Boswell was given a pair of speeding tickets in Martin County for 70 in a 55 that were reduced, while a 2017 citation of texting while driving in Dare County was waived by the Clerk of Court after she pleaded “responsible.”

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  • dave

    Laws are for everybody except the bag lady. “Responsible”….LOL! Too bad she wasn’t “responsible” for stating she was a nurse on her bio.

    Friday, May 4 @ 8:15 am
  • Eugene

    Boswell deserves a pass on the legal charges if ALL are directly related to her personal life and domestic violence. However, she can not get a pass on directly voting for and against legislation which contradicts local ideology. Offshore drilling and all of the testing and prep are off the table. Tourism is our industry. Reversing the bag ban is ridiculous; paid for and supported by the members of the American Petroleum and Plastics industry. Voting against expanding our community college system. Many students in Dare County have attended COA and gone on to great things. I graduated with an Associates degree, moved on to a university and earned a B.S. and my Master’s Degree. She can not get a pass on misrepresenting her qualifications in the medical field, and you sure as heck can’t blame it on a volunteer when it has been out there for years. If Beverly wants to be a Nurse maybe she should enroll at COA. She is for sale to the highest bidder. She does not represent Dare County.

    Friday, May 4 @ 8:58 am
  • chaser

    The Boz been running from the law since the day she was born.

    Friday, May 4 @ 9:14 am
  • sortudo

    You go Bobby! We need to know the whole truth!

    Friday, May 4 @ 10:05 am
  • surf123

    Boswell has a laundry list of criminal activity. The lying and bounced checks are all anyone needs to know about her.

    Friday, May 4 @ 10:26 am
  • Obx mermaid

    I believe that a great deal of the issues relate to an evil ex-husband targeting her and removing all the monies from their bank account so that her checks would bounce! The other charges are also related to retaliation by the ex-husband!

    Friday, May 4 @ 10:38 am
  • John

    Two thoughts:

    1) Couldn’t find anything about Ms. Boswell’s age. Being left to guess, I’d say maybe somewhere in her 40’s. So how is she getting tickets in 1980? She’d have been too young to drive. If this information came from Mr. Hanig then it would seem to be off base.

    2) From Ms. Boswell’s Facebook page: “It’s a sad day in eastern North Carolina that liberal Bobby Hanig is making a victim of domestic violence relive her suffering and pain that occurred nearly thirty years ago. This is the lowest of the low, personal and shameful attacks …”

    From her campaign site: “BEVERLY rejects the liberal notions of victimhood ”

    So which is it?

    Friday, May 4 @ 11:19 am
  • Frank Moore

    The BOZ has no or little interest in the wishes on the OBX and has a problem with the truth ie: I’m a RN actually she is an RN wanna be but you get that only thru hard work, not saying that you are. As Judge Judy, says lie to me once and then everything else you tell me is suspicious. Boz must go as with the wind.

    Friday, May 4 @ 11:41 am
  • stephen

    Rather than repeating the obvious, Eugene an Frank Moore are right on point – Ms Boswell should not be nominated, and if nominated, should not be elected for another term. She does not represent the views of her constituents.

    Friday, May 4 @ 3:18 pm
  • wombatnc

    Politics – what a beautiful thing! I am amazed at the way the GOP candidates have “primaried” each other in recent years. Not just here, but throughout the entire country. The competition to be more “conservative and pro-NRA” than the next guy, catering to the highest bidders/campaign contributors, who are rarely from the districts/states that they’re running in, not only hurts your party, it detracts from the real issues at hand.
    If you want to vote for an honest ethical person who is pro business, who supports issues that protect the local environment (economy), favors creating/saving local jobs and supports public education, then vote for Tess Judge in November!

    Friday, May 4 @ 3:38 pm
  • Stephen J McKenna

    You got that right, Wombatnc!!!

    Saturday, May 5 @ 9:04 am
  • bugsmom27948

    Bozwell has taken the bait and become part of the new Reality Show GOP. Reasonability is thrown out and sensationalism has taken over.
    She always has an excuse for being “done wrong” instead of taking reponsibility for her own actions.
    I can’t believe someone with so many legal issues can even run for office, much less win. Guess we have more than our share of the 38% Trumpers in Dare county.
    FYI-when I say Trumpers, I am not including the rational, reasonable GOP.

    Saturday, May 5 @ 10:27 am
  • Ed Danko

    What color is the sky in the minds of all the liberals that read the Outer Banks Voice??? One has to wonder. If you’re not a left-wing commie liberal, please visit my website EdDanko.com to see where I stand on all the issues. If you are a liberal, thank you for letting me live rent-free in your mind!

    Sunday, May 6 @ 9:03 pm
  • Bruce

    @Ed Danko…why is it that we’re either “conservative” like you or a “left-wing commie liberal”? What is with all the name calling and categorizing? I don’t fit either party, what does that make me?? Even with the new age of politics where anything goes, try a little civility, you might be surprised.

    Monday, May 7 @ 7:10 am
  • Bud

    Criminals in public office, what’ new..

    Monday, May 7 @ 7:43 am
  • dave

    @ Ed Danko: There you are Ed! Long time no see! You STILL haven’t answered my question as to when America and Dare County were last great…………

    Tuesday, May 8 @ 8:12 am
  • Will

    LOL at Ed Danko on here talking smack. Two days later you got soundly voted out. The irony is ripe. Take your crazy, extremist, right-wing commie (see how easy that is to make up ridiculous immature labels for people) views somewhere else. I hear Trump and Putin are looking for some new friends, maybe you can join them in prison in the next few years, LOL. The OBX surely does not want people like you or Boswell as our representatives. The voters have spoken!

    Wednesday, May 9 @ 9:44 am
  • dave

    LOL @ Ed “got spanked” Danko!!

    Wednesday, May 9 @ 11:40 am