Outer Banks Mom: Ladies for the Community

By on August 13, 2018

Our Outer Banks community amazes me more and more each day. I love the small town feel, the rich history and the sand-covered friends who have become like family. But to me, the true beauty here lies in the way so many people work to give to those in need.

Home to hundreds of fund raisers, there isn’t another place like the Outer Banks on this earth. I had a chance to stop by and see some of the fanfare involved with the Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Fishing Tournament site this weekend and I’m in awe of the incredible people and the hard work that goes into making this event such a success.

The tournament’s proceeds go to the Interfaith Community Outreach cancer program and the turnout was amazing. From great vendors, an epic party and a girls day of fun, this event is always a huge success.

I love that it directly supports our community and those affected by cancer while putting fishing poles in the hands of some pretty awesome ladies. This was the 29th annual tournament benefiting OBCSG so that they can continue to provide moral support and transportation to locals during cancer treatments.

While I was at the event site at Pirates Cove Marina, I met up with Paige and Leslie of BoatGirl and had a chance to hear a little bit about their story. I loved their empowering company and Paige’s passion as she talked about creating bags as tough as the girls who carry them. She and her sister Leslie set out to do just that.

These bags solved all of my beach mom problems in one pinch. From durable Sunbrella fabric to a place to keep my towel attached, I was sold. I’m always fumbling with a towel over my shoulder and a beach bag on my arm while carrying a baby and holding hands with my daughter.

Mostly though, I loved that this sister team grew up making memories here on the Outer Banks and in our surrounding waters and that our beaches mean so much to them. They knew they needed a bag that wasn’t going to grow mildew after a day on the water and was as nice looking as it was durable for a day of boating and fishing.

The party was going down as the sun set in Pirates Cove while lady anglers and vendors all celebrated raising money for the Outer Banks Cancer Support Group. This community of fundraisers is pretty epic! We want to hear from you. Did you fish yesterday for the Alice Kelly Memorial Tournament? If so, let us know what you caught.




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