20th anniversary of Tomcat emergency landing recognized

By on March 7, 2019

(U.S. Navy)

Former and current Dare County Airport Authority members were recognized at the March 4 County Board of Commissioners meeting for the 20th anniversary of a noteworthy emergency landing of a U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat at the Dare County Airport.

The emergency landing occurred on Feb. 26, 1999.

At the meeting, former Airport Authority member Jack Overman recapped the event and provided an update. In the rear of the aircraft was squad commander Ted Carter.

Walter E. “Ted” Carter is now a vice admiral in the U.S. Navy who now serves as superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

In 2015, Overman found personal photos of the emergency landing and sent them to Carter, who replied with a letter and “challenge coin.”

The letter and coin will be displayed at the Dare County Museum Airport.

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  • LarryD

    For those that don’t know the story. The Tomcat had engine problems and was forced to land at Dare airport. The tomcat requires a 6000 ft runway to land and they were able to land at the 4300 ft Dare COunty runway successfully.
    It was repaired and flown out

    Sunday, Mar 10 @ 11:27 am