School super alerts sheriff to racist graffiti in locker room

By on March 27, 2019

Dare County Schools Superintendent John Farrelly issued a statement Wednesday condemning racist graffiti in a locker room at First Flight High School that was posted in videos and photos on social media.

Farrelly said he has contacted the Dare County Sheriff’s Office. As soon as he was he was told about the graffiti in the boys locker room, it was painted over.

Here is his full statement:

I have been made aware of disturbing videos and photos that were posted on social media. The video was filmed inside of the First Flight High School boys locker room. The content contained vulgar, hateful, and racist language. This is in direct violation of the core values of Dare Country Schools, and we denounce this kind of behavior under all circumstances.

Our school administrators, in conjunction with the school’s resource officer, are diligently investigating the situation. Any student, or students, that are found responsible for this incident will be disciplined to the fullest extent in accordance with the Dare County Schools Code of Student Conduct. Additionally, this incident has been reported to the Dare County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Carter McKay

    What a tragic loss Dare County Schools experienced when Sue Burgess retired as Superintendent.

    Monday, Apr 1 @ 9:11 pm