ICE seeking man charged in 2011 KDH vehicular death

By on April 22, 2019

The U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has listed a man charged in the death of a tourist on Oct. 5, 2011, in Kill Devil Hills to its new  VOICE Most Wanted list.

The list put out by Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement was created on April 11 during National Crime Victims Rights Week “to help raise awareness of the work the VOICE office does every day to support victims of crime committed by individuals with a nexus to immigration” according to an ICE press release.

The press release states Rodriguez, now referred to as Luis Alberto Rodriguez-Castro, is a Honduran who “entered the country without inspection at an unknown place in 1998 and is wanted as an illegal alien”.

Anyone knowing Rodriguez-Castro’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the ICE hotline at 1-866-DHS-2ICE.

In addition, ICE says he is charged with negligent homicide and vehicular manslaughter.

Rodriquez was charged at the time with two felonies and DUI after a car he was driving allegedly ran a flashing red light at the intersection of Colinton Road and U.S. 158.

Joe Storie, 51, of Lenoir, N.C. was an annual visitor to the Outer Banks and was traveling northbound on U.S. 158 when the accident occurred. His wife, Alicia, and sister, Christina were seriously injured in the accident, as was Rodriguez.

While hospitalized at Sentara Norfolk general Hospital, Rodriguez fled the facility and was tracked to Raleigh, where he was apprehended and returned to custody in Dare County.

In spite of the attempt to flee custody, on Jan. 9, 2012, Superior Court Judge J.J. Cole granted a request by Rodriguez’s attorney Phillip Hayes for a bond reduction, ignoring pleas from the prosecution that he posed a flight risk based on his previous attempt to escape custody and elude law enforcement.

Rodrguez failed to appear for an April 2012 court date and subsequently vanished.

In a related story, the Voice uncovered evidence in 2012 that Rodriguez’s bondsman, Matthew Gregory claimed Rodriguez had been incarcerated in a Raleigh prison on the day his trial was supposed to start.

In February, Gregory was charged by the District Attorney’s office with obstruction of justice related to the Rodriguez case. The charges claim Gregory misrepresented Rodriguez’s incarceration in order to avoid forfeiture of the bonds he posted on behalf of Rodriguez.

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  • surf123

    There is no justification for releasing an illegal alien who had just killed a person and fled from the hospital to evade being jailed. Why is Judge Cole still sitting on the bench?

    Monday, Apr 22 @ 9:56 am
  • Dave H

    Surf- you’re 100% correct! Cases like this happen all the time. IMO, lack of legal status in the US should be a presumptive flight risk. Any illegal arrested on felony charges should be held until trial on a no- bond status.

    Monday, Apr 22 @ 7:18 pm
  • Seal

    Not according to Liberal Judges !

    Tuesday, Apr 23 @ 5:06 pm
  • KHer

    I agree, Surf. I don’t know much about the law but how did the Judge justify his decision? If there was ever a reason to DENY bond, this case would be it.

    Tuesday, Apr 23 @ 7:31 am
  • obxmike

    Folks, just say activist judges. More sympathy for the suspect and none for the victims. I’ve been trying to convince so many of what is happening and what will happen here because of open borders and so on. Some may have to learn a very harsh lesson before they awaken….maybe! Surf123, KHer and Dave H, you’re all spot on point. Stay the course.

    Tuesday, Apr 23 @ 9:24 am
  • Windy Bill

    This and the other two cases need to be loudly put in front of voters well before the next election!!!

    Tuesday, Apr 23 @ 4:34 pm