Language pathologist Nicole Kalkhoff is Hospital’s April EOM

By on April 28, 2019

From left: Deb Johnson, Director of Clinical Support Services; Carol Moore, Central Scheduler; Lauren Schaefer, Physical Therapist; Pam Bridgman, Central Scheduler; Kalkhoff; Angie Goetsch, Occupational Therapist; Amy Robinson, Physical Therapist; Lisa Minerich, Occupational Therapist; Lacy Chronister, Intern; Sarah Cox, Physical Therapist; Amy Montgomery, Senior Administrator of Operations.

Nicole Kalkhoff, speech language pathologist for Rehabilitation Services, is The Outer Banks Hospital’s April Employee of the Month.

Kalkhoff joined The Outer Banks Hospital in September of 2017 as a traveler employee from Minnesota. She became a fulltime speech pathologist in December of 2017.

Since Kalkhoff’s first day as a traveler, she took it upon herself to take on various roles in the Rehabilitation Department. She is continuously seeking out ways to help patients, her department, and all of The Outer Banks Hospital.

While she represents all core values, the two that stand out the most are her compassion and team work. Kalkhoff has a positive, can-do attitude that is infectious to everyone around her.

She is genuinely committed to making the hospital better every day, and volunteers on several committees to find more ways to contribute. In addition to her participation on hospital committees, she represents us well as an Outer Banks Young Professional with the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce.

Always open to new opportunities to improve rehabilitation services as a whole, Kalkhoff is constantly seeking information about new treatments to help her patients. The drinking cup that she innovated to improve patient safety is an excellent example of her dedication.

Reacting to the news that she was chosen as the Employee of the Month, Kalkhoff stated, “I feel truly blessed to work with such a wonderful, talented, and caring team.” She continued, “I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to provide Speech Language Pathology services to this community and help grow the SLP service line!”

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