New and Easy Way to Find Open Houses in the OBX

By on May 21, 2019

Hess liked the idea and immediately pitched it to the MLS Committee which approved it unanimously. “Once the MLS Committee was on board,” says Hess, “We took it straight to OBAR’s Board of Directors and they loved it.” Thus, the Facebook page OBXOpenHouses was created.

Says Hess, “What is great about this page is that it is a one stop shop for any of our residents interested in buying a new or second home. They can schedule their day according to where and when there is an open house.” According to Hess, “This Facebook page is not just for locals, but for anyone visiting our area who might be thinking about buying a second home or relocating here all together.”

In the past, potential buyers always had to rely on individual company websites or Craigslist and there was no guarantee that the open house would even be held. With this new system, the potential buyer can find out every house being shown on a certain day—even in a certain area.

The Facebook page, @OBXOpenHouses, is updated multiple times throughout the day, except on Saturday’s and Sundays. The information comes directly from the Association’s multiple listing service, which is updated directly by listing agents. If a REALTOR® schedules an open house, they are required to notify the Association if there is a cancellation, thus keeping the information as accurate as possible.

Says OBAR MLS Director, Dan Sutherland, “The page itself features posts with a picture of the open house and includes the listing company, address, as well as the date and time of the showing.” According to Sutherland, “Once you click on the post, it will take you directly to the listing in our real estate website,, which also pulls directly from our MLS system keeping the information as precise as possible.” One thing that Sutherland recommends, “When you have your list of open houses that you want to visit, we recommend that you follow up with the listing agent the day before to ensure that it has not been cancelled last minute. While we update the site multiple times a day, there can be lag time between when we are notified and when we are able to remove the listing from the Facebook Page.”

To find out more about the open house Facebook page visit @OBXOpenHouses. To view the Association’s free public real estate search engine visit

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