Outer Banks perfection at 44th Annual Dare Day in Manteo

By on June 1, 2019

The Motley Tones singing pirate songs at Dare Day. Photo, Kip Tabb

The Motley Tones singing pirate songs at Dare Day. (Kip Tabb)

There is a reason why we just had our 44th Annual Dare Dare in Manteo. It is just so perfectly small-town that it manages to capture in just a few hours so much that is wonderful about the Outer Banks.

The Original Rhondels performing at Manteo's Dare Day. Photo Kip Tabb

The Original Rhondels performing at Manteo’s Dare Day. (Kip Tabb)

There are kids and families everywhere. The music, with headliner the Original Rhondels, is a wonderful blend of nostalgia, innocence and good musicianship.

Crafts of all sorts line Queen Elizabeth Avenue. There are food trucks and local groups manning food booths. Fresh squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes … it is a street fare.

There’s a lot of pirate theme as well. Captain Jim and his Magic Pirate Show were there as well as the Motley Tones, singing pirates who roamed the streets at will.

Walk along the boardwalk and at the bridge to Roanoke Island Festival Park and there is a timeless scene of childhood joy. Kids are lined up on the bridge, and on the pilings along the walkway, jumping into Doughs Creek. The exuberance, laughter and love of life that is so much a part of their lives is something that has not changed in 20, 30 or 40 years or more.

We should note, too, that they seemed to be having far more unsupervised fun than they could ever have had in a pool.

It is surprising how many old friends seem to show up at Dare Day.

The timeless joy of childhood as kids jump in Doughs Creek. Photo, Kip Tabb

The timeless joy of childhood as kids jump in Doughs Creek. (Kip Tabb)

Downtown Books’ Jamie Anderson had set up a booth and Amy Gaw was there promoting her recent book, Lost Restaurants of the Outer Banks and Their Recipes.

Andrew Lawler was also on hand. His book The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke, is just coming out in paperback. The book is an excellent read on the search for the Lost Colony. What Lawler may be most adept at is exposing the flaws in many of the investigations.

The weather was as close to ideal as it could have been, a bit iffy early on, but by noon as good as it gets.

Walking away from the day there is a feeling that this is what so many people look for when coming to the Outer Banks — a glorious intersection of fun, family and memories.

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  • Kid Goregous

    Unfortunately the day was ruined by the Trumpster Trash Tent. Why was this allowed?!?!?!

    Monday, Jun 3 @ 10:58 am
  • OBX Manteo

    Because we live in a free country

    Tuesday, Jun 4 @ 9:16 am