Paraglider pilot rescued from trees with just a few scrapes

By on June 6, 2019

A paraglider pilot says turbulance threw off his attempted landing at First Flight Airport in Kill Devil Hills Tuesday, sending him into trees short of the landing strip.

The paraglider launched from the facility at the Wright Brothers National Memorial at about 5 p.m., the National Park Service said.

A ladder truck from the Kill Devil Hills Fire Department was used to rescue the Kitty Hawk pilot, who was suspended about 70 feet off the ground next to Colington Road.

Kill Devil Hills Police, Kill Devil Hills Fire Department, North Carolina Highway Patrol, Dare County Sheriff officers, Dare County EMS, and National Park Service Rangers responded and assisted with the rescue.

The pilot suffered minor scrapes and did not seek medical care at the scene. The paraglider equipment was damaged and the parachute remains stuck in the trees.

Wright Brothers National Memorial staff will contact the pilot to coordinate removal of the parachute, which functions as the aircraft’s wings.

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