Beach construction this week: Look for work near two piers

By on June 8, 2019

Sand being delivered from the dredge Ellis Island onto the beach just south of the Outer Banks Fishing Pier on June 6. (Town of Nags Head)

Two dredges are working again off the Nags Head beach as pumping continues not far from fishing piers on the north and south ends of town.

The Ellis Island is delivering sand just south of Outer Banks Fishing Pier in South Nags Head. Over the next five to six days, construction will progress about 500 feet south to tie into the beach that has already been nourished near James Street at Milepost 19.

Pipes running south will then be switched to run north and under the pier.

Meanwhile, the Liberty Island is pumping sand near the Curlew beach access at Milepost 12 south of the Nags Head Fishing Pier.

Crews will work south about 500 feet, then the pipes will be moved to another landing point near Danube Street to finish off work in that area.

In coming weeks, the dredge will move to additional landing points as construction makes its way toward the Outer Banks Pier to tie into the beach already completed by the Dredge Ellis Island.

Construction is expected to be complete in late August or early September, but pinpointing where work will be longer than seven days away depends on weather and equipment conditions.

The original project in 2011 was finished by the end of August, well ahead of schedule.

About 4 million cubic yards of sand will be pumped by Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. from offshore borrow areas under a $42.7 million contract.

Up to half the visible sand will slide into the nearshore to create a protective slope, according to coastal engineers. Work is being done at this time of the year to avoid risks and delays from unpredictable winter weather.

Work planned on the north end is in red. (Google Maps/Town of Nags Head)

Work on the south end.

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