Tiny homes: A chapel, a yurt and a mini-farmhouse on wheels

By on June 11, 2019

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The days were overcast with a possibility of rain, but a good crowd turned out for the first annual tiny home festival at the Soundside Event site in Nags Head.

The event Saturday and Sunday was sponsored by the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce and featured a variety of tiny home styles.

“We got a lot of positive feedback about the event,” said Karen Brown, president of the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce. “Approximately 2,500 people attended.”

Roughly two dozen tiny homes were on display and open to tour. Prices ranged from $5,850 up to $75,000.

They included a tiny home in the design of a chapel, a nomadic yurt, a converted school bus and a family-sized farmhouse on wheels.

The farmhouse built by Perch and Nest features living space for a family of four, included a glass entryway with retractable screens, large windows and a handcrafted kitchen. Offering a green alternative to traditional materials, this tiny home is insulated with recycled denim.

“One of the things we wanted the festival to do was to give people the chance to view housing options from a different perspective,” said Brown.

The tiny house movement began in the 1980s as a philosophical and social movement focusing on lower consumerism and freedom from financial constraints. The theory of this lifestyle obtained its inspiration from Henry David Thoreau in his example of living in a 150-square-foot cabin on Walden Pond.

The current catalyst for the burgeoning tiny home phenomenon appears due to the financial crisis of 2008, when many facing foreclosure began to look for alternatives in housing.

To date there is no set definition on what constitutes a tiny house, but the average size is usually under 400 square feet. It may be on wheels or placed on a foundation.

“Many tiny houses are considered home-built recreational vehicles, which are built under a set of industry adopted guidelines that are largely self-governing like the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association,” said Thom Stanton of GoTiny U.S.A. as he outlined the pros and cons of tiny home ownership during his seminar at the festival.

Those interested in downsizing have a number of options and may obtain a tiny house from one of the many specialized manufactures, or build their own with the help of a tiny home kit.

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