Kill Devil Hills Water Tank Replacement Project Update

By on July 29, 2019

Benny Baldwin with Baldwin Video Productions captured this image of recent construction progress.


The replacement of the Town’s 55-year old, 200,000 gallon elevated water tank at the Fire Station is well underway. The new water tower will be 160’ high, hold 400,000 gallons and be a pedesphere style elevated tank. The graphic below shows a sneak peak of the new tank’s design, which pridefully brands Kill Devil Hills. The graphic was created by Dave Rollins with Access Design based on a sketch provided by Landmark Structures, Inc., the contractor for this project.

The aerial shot is of the Tower’s steel base cone construction. Steel plates are craned into place and are welded together by workers standing on the wood scaffolding, as shown in the photo. Once the base cone is complete workers will begin working on the pedestal between the Base Cone and the tank itself. The two squares in the center of the base are supports for piping that will later be installed.

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