This story did have a happy ending

By on August 14, 2019

AUGUST 15: Archie’s owners report that he has been found safe and sound.

“Thank you so much to the community of Duck for all of your help running around trying to capture our sweet baby. Archie was going back to the house that he originally ran away from, I was able to lure him with food and then lie down on the ground and pretend I was hurt. Archie then came to check me out and I grabbed him. He seems healthy, just tired. THANK YOU ALL FOR all of your help!” Lost & Found Pets Currituck & OBX Outer Banks, NC

Let’s have a happy ending to this story

AUGUST 14: Archie, a medium-sized white dog with black facial markings, has been missing since Friday, Aug. 9 when he got spooked and bolted out the door of his family’s rental property in Duck. Since then, he is reported to be very scared and running up and down Duck Rd. There have been numerous sightings, but thus far, no one’s been able to catch him.

Archie’s ears stand up like antennas and he is very shy, but he will not bark or bite. He is wearing his blue collar with red tags. He was seen at 6:30 on the morning of Aug. 14 crossing from Trinite to Duck Round and heading toward the sound, and seen later that dayrunning on the beach side from Oyster Catcher south to Mallard

Anyone with information should call 980-339-9576 and ask for Julia or Cameron. The police are working with this matter and the public can call them with sightings of Archie as well.

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