Grand Opening & Fundraiser at Jubilee Music

By on August 18, 2019

Some bluegrass inside at the Jubilee Music Grand Opening and Fundraiser. Photo, Kip Tabb

Some bluegrass inside at the Jubilee Music Grand Opening and Fundraiser. Photo, Kip Tabb

The Outer Banks community is pretty remarkable. It’s generous, compassionate. And when there’s a good reason to get together that includes generosity, compassion and good music…well, it doesn’t get much better than that.

That was certainly the case with the Grand Opening for Jubilee Music in Kill Devil Hills on Sunday.

Last month, Ronnie Swaim moved his store from the its postage stamp-sized location on the edge of Seagate North to its new location in the center of the complex, more than doubling its size.

Outer Banks musicians knew about the move, but the new store still called out for a grand opening. This grand opening, as it turned out, had a special meaning.

During the move, Ronnie and his wife Nancy found out she has stage four cancer. So the day became a Grand Opening and Fundraiser to help the couple in the days ahead.

What a great day it was. The skies cleared just about the time the Grand Opening started and with lots of silent auction items, hot dogs, soda and music, it was a wonderful time.Ronnie is a bluegrass musician so there were some great pickers on hand playing on the small stage that is part of the new store. But more than a bluegrass musician, Ronnie loves music, which is why anyone who wants to play an instrument is welcome to come the store and pick up an instrument.

A testament to his love of music were the hard rock bands playing outside. It doesn’t get much more power rock n’ roll than Manday Huge. A local band, a trio, that plays loud, grind it out rock that features tight arrangements and really good musicians. They were the last band playing at 7 p.m. when the event wrapped up.

The music, though, was just a backdrop to what the day was all about. Yes. the music was great. And in the store, people were taking instruments down and playing them with impromptu jam sessions cropping up everywhere. Then there were the children…kids everywhere. The little boy, three or four years old fascinated by a ukulele; or the little girl who sat talking to a mandolin player asking about the instrument, Nancy Swaim was there and we are all rooting for her.

Of course, Ronnie was on hand as well, smiling, talking to anyone who came up to him to say a few words.  We had a moment to talk and he mentioned how much it meant to him that so many people came for the Grand Opening and his wife.

“It’s about community, music and compassion,” he said. “I always believed that you treat people like you want to be treated. And it always comes back to you.”

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