Nags Head beach nourishment project completed

By on August 19, 2019

Beach nourishment sand pumping operations were completed early on Sunday morning, Aug. 18. Nourishment projects are designed and constructed to take advantage of the natural forces, such as waves and currents, to move sand offshore. This process results in a natural sloping beach within the littoral zone (the area between the low and high tide lines), and is referred to as profile equilibration or profile adjustment.

The process of profile equilibration, which typically occurs within 12 months following sand placement, dramatically decreases the width of dry beach from the very wide beach observed immediately after nourishment. This decrease is often misunderstood as the failure of the beach nourishment project. For more information, read the American Shore and Beach Preservation white paper: Beach nourishment profile equilibration: What to expect after sand is placed on a beach.

Some additional notes regarding the project:

The Gulfstream public beach access just south of Jennette’s Pier near Mile Post 16.5 is closed to vehicles, but not pedestrians, until Aug. 27 while our nourishment contractor removes their equipment from the beach.

The installation of sand fencing and sea oats, which can withstand arid conditions, is still taking place in Nags Head’s south end.

The Juncos Street public beach access is still being used by the sand fencing/sprigging contractor, but the access remains open.

The Forrest Street public beach access near Mile Post 15.5 remains closed to parking, however pedestrians may still use the access.


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  • joe brauch

    Loved the article, now that you made me smarter I would like to know why our first nourishment needed renourishment? Did the storm take it out or did the engineering not work?

    Monday, Aug 19 @ 9:04 pm