Village Realty Grants Annual Scholarships to College Students

By on August 24, 2019

Scholarship recipient Kelsea Sexton.

For the past six years, Village Realty Holdings, LLC has presented several collegiate scholarships to students in northeastern North Carolina. The community-oriented company grants the awards hoping to offset costs of higher education. The scholarships, ranging from $500-1000, are renewable – distributed for up to four years, contingent on the students’ continued enrollment in school.

The recipients of the Village Realty Holdings, LLC Scholarship Fund are selected based on the students’ academic record, history of community involvement, and evidence of higher education goals. Candidates were required to submit an application, including a resume, and graduation diploma from an accredited high-school, home school or GED program. Many of our scholarship recipients have worked with the company in some capacity, but others are selected without a tie to the company. The applicants come from the counties of Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde, New Hanover, Pasquotank, Tyrrell, and Washington.

This year, five scholarship renewals were awarded to students continuing their college educations, along with new awards accepted by two rising freshmen. The newest recipients are Catherine Starr Ely (Hyde County) and Peyton Brian Nicholson (Tyrrell County). The scholarship renewals were given to sophomores Darvin Contreras (Hyde County) and Kelsea Sexton (Dare County) – as well as to three juniors from Hyde County: Jordi Perez, Spencer Gaskins, and Jordan Jenkins.

The company’s motivation for maintaining the educational trust is explained by its president, Bob Oakes, who stated, “Village Realty started a scholarship fund to provide assistance to members of our community who desire higher education. We have supported young people who have worked with us, children of our staff, and young members of the community who might not otherwise have an opportunity to further their education. Our preference is to make a difference at the margins, helping potential students have the chance to attend community college, technical college or a university.”


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