KDH Old Town Hall elevated storage tank replacement project update

By on August 31, 2019

Town of Kill Devil Hills

These images show the progress on the Kill Devil Hills elevated tank project. Kevin Brown and the Landmark team are hoisting the tank panels into place. They will extend up to the equator of the new tank section. Just a few more panels to go before the lower half of the tank is assembled.

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  • 0ldN3ws

    it would be nice if they used massive mimo antennas on all the water towers so we can maintain a clean aesthetic in town with adding unnecessary clutter. & have descent back up communication system when fiber optic cable gets cut again / again

    Saturday, Aug 31 @ 11:06 pm
  • Koo Flocks

    Great suggestion! I was having my morning 🍻 and came to the same conclusion. Hopefully, the powers that be will attach the antenna. I’m definitely interested in maintaining cell service. Koo Flocks, signing off.

    Monday, Sep 2 @ 8:16 am