Dare County puts Dorian damage at nearly $15 million

By on September 10, 2019

The current Dare County assessment in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, which was revised on Sept. 10, puts the total estimated storm damages for the county at just under $15 million – $14,754,600.

Of that total, nearly $6.8 million in damage was done to residential structures, with another $5.4 million in damage to public structures. The tally for commercial structures was just under $2.6 million. The report identifies 1,226 structures damaged by the storm, but only two residential structures have been classified as destroyed. Damage to vehicles, campers and boats is not included in this report.

It is worth noting that the community of Ocracoke, which suffered considerably greater damage, is in Hyde County.

The damage in Buxton ($7,7913,708) accounted for more than half of the overall price tag, and includes $5,254,800 in damage to the Cape Hatteras Secondary School. The Dare County community with the second highest damage total was Kill Devil Hills ($1,329,964) and another $752,027 of damage was done in the adjacent unincorporated area of Colington.

After that, the hardest hit communities were south of the Oregon Inlet and include Avon ($887,869), Frisco ($836,469) and Hatteras ($588,219). Nags Head ($457,041) and Kitty Hawk ($476,913) sustained nearly a half million dollars in damage, according to the estimate.

Of the 45 Dare County properties deemed to have suffered major damage, more than half (27) were in Buxton and Kill Devil Hills. One home was reported destroyed in Buxton and the other one to suffer that fate was in Wanchese.

Here is what the county said in presenting the assessment.

“Hurricane Dorian caused significant, widespread, storm‐related property damage as a result of high winds and soundside flooding from storm surge. Sustained hurricane and tropical storm force winds over a period of approximately 8 hours caused very highwater levels on the sound throughout the county, particularly areas south of Oregon Inlet.

The damage was spread across most districts and was all very similar in nature. The storm surge caused flooding in soundside areas of the county. The villages of Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras at the southern end of Hatteras Island witnessed the most flooding. High winds caused significant siding, roof and shingle damage in all districts. There was substantial property damage from fallen trees on structures.

Debris removal could be significant due to widespread vegetative and flood‐related debris. There was also considerable personal property damage as a result of this storm. These losses include damage to motor vehicles, boats, campers and recreational vehicles. However, those damage estimates are not included in this report. All towns have submitted their damage estimates at the time of this report.”

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