It’s too early to worry, but….

By on September 13, 2019

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NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center

Here are the Key Messages from NHC regarding Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine, issued at 5 a.m.

  1. The system is expected to become a tropical storm and bring tropical-storm-force winds and heavy rainfall to portions of the northwestern Bahamas later today and Saturday. Significant storm surge is not expected in the northwest Bahamas from this system. Residents  there should follow any advice given by local officials.
  2. The system could bring tropical-storm force winds to portions of the Florida east coast over the weekend. Residents there should monitor the progress of the system and follow any advice given by local officials.
  3. Heavy rainfall and scattered flash flooding is possible this weekend in coastal sections of eastern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  Depending on the track of the system heavy rainfall could reach eastern North Carolina next week.
  4. Note the forecast uncertainty for these disturbances is generally larger than for tropical cyclones, especially beyond 48-72 hours.

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  • surf123

    …and the media anxiety inducing hype starts again.

    Friday, Sep 13 @ 5:29 pm
  • Steve

    Hope we get some swell from this one!

    Saturday, Sep 14 @ 8:02 am
  • Seal

    Just got back from Nags Head……..Cant seem to find fifty cents of the twentyeight million dollars worth of sand that got pumped up ………. the next storm coming up will take care of that too !!!!

    Saturday, Sep 14 @ 9:15 am