Woman killed by Fire Dept. Vehicle in Rodanthe

By on September 15, 2019

On September 14, at approximately 2:30 p.m., the Dare County Sheriff’s Office and the National Park Service responded to a CPR in progress call in the area of Corbina Drive in Rodanthe, NC.

When they arrived, they found that a 70-year-old female had been run over by a Chicamacomico Fire Department pickup truck. She was pronounced deceased at the scene by Dare County EMS. The truck was exiting the beach using the access at the end of the road when the accident occurred.

The case is currently under investigation and if you have any information please contact the Dare County Sheriff’s Office at 252-475-5980.

Update: A spokesman in the Dare County Sheriff’s office said on Sept. 16 that the investigation into the death of the 70-year old woman killed by the Chicamacomico Fire Department pickup truck is ongoing and that a number of interviews still remain to be conducted.

Captain Kevin Duprey told the Voice that, “We’re still trying to put it all together,” in terms of information gathering in the case. Among others, he said, “We still got to talk to the driver [of the vehicle] some more, we’ve got to talk to the EMS [personnel] who responded.” The identities of both the victim and driver have not yet been released.

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  • surf123

    Should not come as a complete surprise as there is no other place for Ocean Rescue to access the beach norther of the pier. When you could drive under the pier there was no need for alternative entrance/exit points. One solution is to buy the unbuildable lot at the end of Corbina or add an access point for Ocean Rescue at the public beach access. It is a terrible outcome for a very worthy and needed service.

    Monday, Sep 16 @ 2:12 pm
  • Steve

    Very sad. Was only a matter of time before this happened with all the vehicle traffic on the tri-village beach. There is less traffic on the driving beaches..

    Tuesday, Sep 17 @ 7:31 am
  • Tuber!der

    There’s absolutely zero reason for these Ocean Rescue trucks to be driving repeatedly up and down the beach all day long. It does not make beachgoers safer, nor does it decrease their response time to any specific call or emergency. Don’t believe it? It’s just a simple math or probability equation. They are just as likely to be at the far end of the beach when a call comes in from the opposite end of the beach as they are likely to be closer to a call by chance when a rescue event occurs. In that case their response time to reach a real emergency is going to be slower. Better to be parked centrally at the station in the middle of their range and wait for a call to come in so they may respond in the shortest amount of time overall.

    I’m sure as Rescue personnel it feels better to be driving the beach and feels like you are doing something, rather than sitting at the station. But this comes at the expense of the safety and peace of mind of those enjoying the beach. I’m an OBX local and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been nervous on the beach in Rodanthe with the Rescue truck passing by way too frequently and too fast. We have toddlers and grade schoolers in our group and we should not have to worry about them getting hit by a vehicle while they are playing at the beach! Now it’s proven our worries were valid.

    Sadly it always takes a tragedy like this for policy changes to take place.

    Wednesday, Sep 18 @ 6:08 pm