KDH Police officer arrested on assault charge

By on October 1, 2019

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that on Sept. 30, it arrested Lieutenant Allen Holland of the Kill Devil Hills Police Department on charges of assault on a female.

While providing no further details of the case, Dare County Sheriff’s Captain Kevin Duprey said the charges were in connection to an alleged incident that occurred on Aug. 4. Holland was released on Sept. 30 on an unspecified bond.

In an email, Kill Devil Hills Police Chief Gary Britt told the Voice that Holland has been placed on non-disciplinary leave. But he declined to comment further on Holland’s arrest.

In North Carolina, assault on a female is a Class IA misdemeanor. With no prior convictions, the charge of assault on a female carries a maximum punishment of 60 days.

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  • Bryan

    Why wasn’t he arrested when this took place?

    Most other people are arrested immediately.

    The article says that he is on leave, was he on leave right after this happened or only after he got arrested?

    Tuesday, Oct 1 @ 3:26 pm
  • steve murphy

    I understand there is a mandatory 48 hour lockup for any domestic assault. It seems that the law was not followed here. Only a $1000 bond, and out on the street walking free.

    Tuesday, Oct 1 @ 9:10 pm
  • Stevejo

    why did he not have to provide a mug shot photo….like everyone else that is arrested?

    It looks like special treatment is happening here. I hope his wife is receiving support for what she went through.

    Wednesday, Oct 2 @ 10:12 pm
  • Lance Luke

    It’s not a 48hr domestic hold because it happened on Aug 4th, what would be the point of the “cooling down” process if they were to hold him for 48hrs? I think hes had plenty time to cool down, now hes gota face it. Yall please stop acting like and trying to be lawyers and cops, do a little research first, or at least think about what you are typing.

    Thursday, Oct 3 @ 11:43 pm