Cause of Cotton Gin fire ‘undetermined’

By on October 18, 2019

(CriShaun Eugene Hardy)

Hayden Poulin, the Deputy Chief of the Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department, has provided this Oct. 18 update on the investigation into the blaze that badly damaged the Cotton Gin store in Grandy on Oct. 12.

The NC State Bureau of Investigation, the NC Office of the State Fire Marshal, the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office and the Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department conducted an examination on October 13 to determine the cause of the fire. The fire has been ruled as “undetermined” due to the amount of damage to the area of origin.

In an earlier interview with the Voice, Poulin recounted some details of the large blaze, reporting that there were at least 50 emergency and fire personnel at the scene and that although there were two hydrants close by, firefighters employed two “drafting operations” where water is sucked out into portable tanks and then hauled to the fire.

He also explained that the specific difficulty with battling this fire was that there were a number of hotspots, like the wine cellar, that were unsafe to enter.

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  • Tim Markley

    This is two major fires in retail stores that have not been solved. The Christmas Mouse investigation was a similar outcome. Very poor investigating. These cases were solvable with the right level of effort and expertise. Wonder if the insurance companies will bring in their own teams? These fires need to be solved to prevent similar incidents. There are too many vulnerable structures on the beach and not to be able to determine the causes for these fires.

    Saturday, Oct 19 @ 11:54 pm
  • Surf123

    I’ll go ahead and speculate it was extension cords and/or overloaded circuits. Besides these two stores* I know of two other Christmas stores that burned to the ground. The common denominator is the requirement that the Christmas products they sell need to be plugged in to be shown.

    *I realize the Cotton Gin was only part Christmas store.

    Sunday, Oct 20 @ 8:10 am
  • Mark A Williamson

    Gee, always gets solved on TV!

    Tuesday, Oct 22 @ 4:03 pm
  • Ryan Sekerski

    As a fire investigator and reviewing the photos and being in that store numerous times myself I always said that if a fire started in that place it would be over before anyone would arrive. The fire load was massive. ( material,plastics,clothes etc) Without hearing any of the interviews from people on scene and seeing the main body of fire i always that that if that place qas gonna burn it was going to be in the center where the bathrooms were. That’s whatvim guessing is the area where it started and burned in noticed for a bit till it was to late. …just my opinion.

    Saturday, Oct 26 @ 5:31 pm