Dare County Land Transfers

By on November 7, 2019

October 25 to October 31, 2019


Decolli Robert A Jr from Paxton Jason D; 014808013—Lot 13 Kinnakeet; $438,500; Improved Residential.

D J Investments Inc from Mark Barry L; 014822142—Lot 1710 Kinnakeet Shores; $300,000; Improved Residential.

Ocean Hi’d Away LLC from Lynch John B Jr; 027818094—Lot 94 Kinnakeet Shrs; $465,500; Improved Residential.


Mahon Christopher M from Waytovich Laurie M Per Rep; 020021000—Lot 31 Sec O Colington Hrbr; $297,500; Improved Residential.

Darden Connie Williams from Henderson Anthony D; 029778000—Lot 31 Sec Q Colington Hrbr; $286,000; Improved Residential.

United States Of America from Rose Windy H Sub Ttee; 020170000—Lot 4 Sec Q Colington Hrbr; $0; Foreclosure.

Lane Investment Properties from Sagun Julius C; 018782042—Lot 33 Sunrise Crossing; $60,000; Vacant Residential.

Dean Kelly from Falzon Dorothy T; 018782021—Lot 12 Sunrise Crossing; $372,500; Improved Residential.

Thompson Glen W from Glick Phillip R; 030703000—Lot 44 Sec A Watersedge; $ 342,000; Improved Residential.

Snyder Howard J from Ornstein Gary J; 020097013—Lot 13 Sec P Colington Hrbr; $359,000; Improved Residential.

Finnell Adam A from Catalina Aurum LLC; 019415000—Lot 158 Sec 6 Colington Harbor; $255,000; Improved Residential.


Narozny Theodore Jr from Avion Services Inc; 010067061–Lot 61 Four Seasons; $2,300,000; Improved Residential.

Whitacre Rex Alan from Wollack Robert E; 010070003—Bld/Uni 1-3 Georgetown Sands; $325,000; Town House.

Young Brian E from Gryce David C; 010067014—Lot 14 Four Seasons; $928,000; Improved Residential.

Conrad William R from Coxe Thomas C; 009437000—Lot 48 Sanderling; $315,000; Vacant Residential.


Cohen Michael Paul A from Gray Zachary Thomas Co Te; 029647016—Lot 16 The Hatterasman; $1,425,000; Improved Residential.

Trenis Thomas Scott from Pozza Thomas L; 011889000—Lot 362 Brigands Bay; $307,000; Improved Residential .


Gebhart James R from Folkes S Grey Jr; 004791025—Lot 25 Hatteras By The Sea; $675,000; Improved Residential.

Riemann Mark J from Lyles David H; 027865001—Int-Unit 104 Durant Station; $94,000; Condo.

Kill Devil Hills

Shipman Joan A from Burns Robert M; 000646000—Lts 15-17 Blk 51 Va Dare Shrs; $317,000; Improved Residential.

Breeden Hunter Mark from Ashworthone LLC; 001101000—Lot 885 Avalon Beach; $219,000; Improved Residential.

Phillip Harrington Enterp from Tri B Construction Inc; 004454000—Lts 4&5 Blk 29 KDH Realty Corp; $151,506.10; Vacant Residential.

West Aaron K from Ledoyen David R Ttee; 002970000—Lot 213 Orville Beach West; $270,000; Improved Residential.

Miller Julie from Tarr Mason D; 003131000—Metes & Bounds; $275,000; Improved Residential.

Macgregor Roy from Zimmerman Robert W; 028424000—Lot 23 Pt 24 Parc B Hedrick; $380,000; Improved Residential.

Johnson Meaghan from Birch Julia M Ttee; 000725019—Lts 19&20 Va Dare Shrs; $410,000; Improved Residential.

Southwood Management from Herbert William H; 002201000—Lt 107A Wright Shores; $85,000; Vacant Residential.

Moore Christopher S Jr from Gish Jonathan; 003529000—Lot 20 The Landing; $490,000; Improved Residential.

Wilson Barry L from Sovero Rocco J; 008075051—Unit E2 Oyster Pointe II; $186,000; Condo.

Dulyaba Tetyana from BB Cambridge Cove LLC; 008164206—Unit 309C Cambridge Cove; $330,000; Condo.

Saunders Robert F from Schlosser Linda D; 016626002—Lot 1 Blk 81 Va Dare Shores; $475,000; Improved Residential.

Kitty Hawk

Mccoy Mark E from Glligan Matthew P; 010693000—Lot 13 Blk 22 KH Beach; $1,157,670; Improved Residential.

Graham Robert Lawrence from Hass Teresa J Suc Ttee; 018229041—Lot 32 Sec 2 Bay Ridge; $399,000; Improved Residential.

Jones Gordon B from Beacham Mike A; 029826005—Lot 5 Alvis & Gay Beacham; $355,000; Vacant Residential.

Mullins Penny Woods from Greenstreet Nancy M; 010679000—Lt 23 Prt 22 Blk 21 KH Beach; $380,000; Improved Residential.

Lippa Keith from Moore Christopher S Jr; 018497000—Lot 23 Kitty Dunes E; $479,000; Improved Residential.

Mugler Michael Joseph Jr from Schatz Rachael M; 018512001—Lot 11 Kitty Dunes II; $334,000; Improved Residential.


MTGLQ Investors from Rogers Jeff D Sub Ttee; 025561016—Unit 1431 Marshes Light; $234,400; Foreclosure.

Watkins David E from Marshes Light LLC; 027249028—Lot 28 Marshes Light; $80,000; Vacant Residential.

BSL Ventures LLC from Sandusky Michael A Ttee; 029991157—Slip 157 Pirates Cove; $150,000; Boat Slip.

Roth Monica from Pishner James J; 025694281—Bld/Uni 225D Buccaneer Vill; $225,000; Condo.

Beltrami Marco A from Mehrman Leanne C; 029991218—Slip 186 Pirates Cove; $63,000; Boat Slip.

Reichert Darrell R from Kellum Donald K; 025694490—Unit 1221 Ballast Pt; $420,000; Condo.

Kay Barbara G from Tyrell Diane T; 024686000—Metes & Bounds; $467,000; Improved Residential.

Manteo (Outside)

Schlachte John from Scott Shayna L; 023085000—Lot 8 Amelia Heights; $250,000; Improved Residential.

Martins Point

Thalman Matthew L from Mcfarland Clyde E Jr; 028593000—Lot 1 Blk 5 Martins Point; $630,000; Improved Residential.

Nags Head

Delbuono Joseph A III from Delbuono Joseph; 024961478—Lot 50 Sec 3 Ridges; $1; Family Deed.

Midcap Mark Knoll from Schmidt Richard F; 024961064—Lot 17 Marsh Links; $357,000; Improved Residential.

Mulle Mark T from Black Janice A; 028844028—Lot 28 Sec 2 Linkside; $291,000; Improved Residential.

Tench Timothy M from Nags Head Construction; 030380000—Lot 55 Sec 1 Southridge; $429,900; Improved Residential.

Osborn Mark W from Sherrill David E; 007203000—Lts 26-28 Hollywood Beach; $5,000; Vacant Residential.

Rogers Timothy E from 104Dunn LLC; 008718002—Unit 104A Dunn St Beach; $275,000; Condo.

Wright Joseph C from 104Dunn LLC; 008718004—Unit 104C Dunn St Beach; $275,000; Condo.

Wright Joseph C from 104Dunn LLC; 008718003—Unit 104B Dunn St Beach; $275,000; Condo.

Watkins Stephanie T from Chapin David J Ttee; 006304000—Lot 55 Sec B Old NH Cove; $335,000; Improved Residential.

Leary Warren G from Brelsford Janis S; 011388000—Unit M3 Villas Condo; $217,500; Condo.

Moore Samantha J from Puppy Drum Properties; 007296000—Lt 5 Pt 4 Campbell’s Beach; $659,000; Improved Residential.

Little Mason from Burton John E III; 000380039—Lot 11 Beach Haven S; $1,040,000; Improved Residential.

Morrison Randy W from Glucksman John E; 007505000—Lot 76 Goose Wing; $336,000; Improved Residential.


Touchton Robert L from Tart David L; 031182000—Lot 18R Estates At Hatt; $938,000; Improved Residential.


Blessing John A from Ghougasian Leon; 013151000—Lot 49 Sec A Hatteras Colony; $330,000; Improved Residential.

Southern Shores

Moeller James E from Repp Brad A; 022819126—Lot 26 Ocean View; $630,000; Improved Residential.

Kirkland James D from Herndon James R Ttee; 021821000—Lot 46 Blk 74 S Shrs Beach; $442,300; Improved Residential.

Mcgrane Cathy Floyd from Lester Daniel Robert; 022383136—Lot 136-A Recombo Chicahauk; $185,000; Vacant Residential.

Deihl Stephen D from Messer Charles; 021095000—Lot 17 Blk 48 Sea Crest Village; $719,500; Improved Residential.


State Of North Carolina from Outer Banks Dare Challenge; 016528000—Metes & Bounds; $40,000; Vacant Residential.

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