OBX senior swimmers win state championship

By on November 16, 2019

Front row from left: Brook Kirk, Harry Schiffman, Rick Jones, and Jack Horst
Back row from left: Lloyd Minerich, Kathleen Morgan, Kenneth Morgan, Robert Trivette, Greg Florence, Jack Eaton, and David Henzler

Seventeen OBX senior swimmers competed at the N.C. Senior Games State Finals swim meet on Sept. 21 and stormed to state championship by 74 points. The 12-member men’s team took a 70-point victory over second place High County Senior Games; and the five-member women’s team won over Mecklenburg County Senior Games by four points. Fifty-two teams from across North Carolina competed in the meet

“This first-ever win by the OBX Senior Games team was the culmination of an effort by our coaches, Robert Trivette and Stuart Wylie, and the determination of our seventeen swimmers,” said Harry Schiffman, the senior member and chief recruiter of the team. The seventeen swimmers represent the biggest contingent that has participated in the state meet from the Outer Banks, Schiffman noted.

“This was a team victory,” Trivette stated, “but I’ve got to point out that Harry [Schiffman] is primarily responsible for our success because he has worked toward this goal for a long time…He’s so enthusiastic about swimming and the Senior Games, and he’s a great recruiter. Once he finds out you are over 50 years old and can swim, he’s on you – in a good way.”

If you are interested in senior swimming, please join the OBX Senior Swim Team. Please direct your questions to Harry Schiffman at [email protected]. In addition, the YMCA has recently started a master’s swim group, coached by certified master’s coach Stuart Wiley. Please contact Coach Wiley through the YMCA if you are interested.

The 2019 State Finals OBX Women’s Team Medal Results by Age Groups:

Lisa Minerich (55-59) – two gold and one sliver; Brook Kirk (55-59) – one gold and two silver; Kathleen Morgan (60-64)– one gold, three silver, and one bronze; Nancy Wilson (65-69) – two silver and one bronze; Sylvia Wadsworth (75-79) – two silver and three bronze.

The 2019 State Finals OBX Men’s Team Medal Results by Age Groups:

John Wallace (50-54) – six gold; Greg Florence (55-59) – two gold and four silver; John Donlan (60-64) – one silver and one bronze; David Henzler (60-64) – one gold, three silver, and one bronze; Jack Horst (60-64) – two gold, three silver, and one bronze; John Kenny (60-64) – one gold and one silver; Robert Trivette (60-64) – six gold; Jack Eaton (65-69) – one bronze; Lloyd Minerich (65-69) —  one bronze; Richard Jones (70-74) – two gold, two silver and one bronze; Kenneth Morgan (70-74) – one bronze; Harry Schiffman (75-79) – six gold.

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