Saving Lives Task Force: Focus on Gina Miller

By on November 20, 2019

By Brenda Thacker

After speaking with Gina Miller, Reverend of the St. John United Methodist Church in Avon and an active member of the Saving Lives Task Force, she stated that she has been with the Task Force for two years.  Gina was invited to the Task Force by Lois Miller, who is chairman of Yellow House Ministries. 

Gina stated that the Task Force is a great place to meet with “like minded” individuals who share the same passion.  Through her involvement, she met Dr. Richard Martin with Right Path.  Richard has patients on Hatteras Island and Gina offered St. John as a location for their group meetings as transportation can sometimes be an issue for those who suffer from substance use disorder. 

Gina’s hope is that those struggling with substance use will see the church for what it is intended to be — a sanctuary for the hurting.  

The task force meetings are a great place to meet with like-minded non-judgmental community people and exchange ideas and develop strategies concerning this epidemic.

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