Dare County Land Transfers

By on November 22, 2019

November 9 to November 14, 2019


Garry Francis Patrick from Magness Benjamin W; 013648001—Unit 1 Pamlico Condos; $125,000; Condo.


Burrus Conrad Daniel from Hiles Lorainne R; 017281000—Lot 18 Diamond Pt Estates; $227,100; Improved Residential.


Smith Cheri L from Stewart Jeffery S; 018897000—Lot 89 Sec A Colington Hrbr; $215,000; Improved Residential.

Hendricks Gail from Baldwin Melinda K; 019193000—Lot 18 Sec E Colington Hrbr; $200,000; Improved Residential.

Mumper Mary W from Crawford Kevin P; 020257001—Lt 104 Sec Q Colington Hrbr; $264,000; Improved Residential.

Yanev Radoslav Y from Southwood Management Inc;            020455000—Lot 58 Sec S Colington Hrbr; $266,500; Improved Residential.

Kill Devil Hills

Hahne Mark D from French Christopher N; 002179000—Lot 83 Wright Shores; $260,000; Improved Residential.

United States Of America from Robbins Elizabeth Ttee; 004557000—KDH Realty Corp Blk 46 Lt 9; $0; Governmental.

Smith Laura J from Hoy Judith A Ttee; 004737000—Metes & Bounds; $349,000; Improved Residential.

Bachand Phillip from Ogden John W; 028452000—Lt 118 Sec 3 First Flight Vill; $358,000; Improved Residential.

Dream Builders Construction from OBX Cottages LLC; 000726023—Lot 23R Blk 74 Va Dare Shrs; $109,000; Vacant Residential.

Fleck Robert R Jr from Caffee Barbara S; 001017000—Lot 71 Moor Shores; $310,000; Improved Residential.

Kitty Hawk

Ottavio Evelyne from Dietrich Ryan P; 027340055—Lot 55 Sec III KH Landing; $350,000; Improved Residential.

Miller Constance P from Miller Jeffrey G; 011036000—Lot 5 Blk 29 KH Beach; $560,000; Improved Residential.

Barry Howard S from Ferrara Joseph; 010902000—Lot 10 Blk 24 KH Beach; $415,000; Improved Residential.

Manteo (Outside)

Sansotta Roc P M from Rusin William; 024384000—Lot 11A Mother Vineyard; $425,000; Improved Residential.

Linney Susan E from Dixon Donald L; 024410055—Lot 97 Heritage Point; $850,000; Improved Residential.

Tillett Zachary McCoy from Walters Georgia; 023056011—Lot 11 Pinewood; $56,000; Vacant Residential.

Nags Head

Rose Ronnie E from Privott William M; 006952001—Metes & Bounds; $500,000; Improved Residential.

Young Kerry Ryan from Leach Hermine Mary Ttee; 028844036—Lot 36 Linkside; $270,000; Improved Residential.

Emery Michael B from Wilson Robert G; 024961544—Lot 18 The Masters; $600,000; Improved Residential.

Sala Barbara from Emery Michael B; 026379504—Bld/Uni E4 The Quay ; $430,000; Condo.


Robeson Lexa Rae from Weinberg David L; 012909000—Lot 2 Sec D Hatteras Colony; $678,000; Improved Residential.

Beach Capital LLC from Wind Over Waves; 012821092—Multi-Parcel; $520,000; Vacant Residential.

Beach Capital LLC from Wind Over Waves; 012821094 & 012821081; $250,000;   Vacant Residential.

Southern Shores

Kahn Joel S Ttee from Patt Stewart; 021227000—Int-Lt 17 Blk 55 Sea Crest Vil; $125,000; Improved Residential.


Federal National Mortgage from Substitute Trustee Sevices; 026032000—Metes & Bounds; $134,300; Foreclosure.

Allen Jeri Michelle from J D Johnson Realty & Const; 028158004—Lot 5 Trac 2 George Mann; $50,000; Vacant Residential.

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