Fall Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown—A New Autumn Tradition

By on November 25, 2019


A cool day in November didn’t keep the crowd away from the first Outer Banks Fall Food Truck Showdown. (Kip Tabb)

It pays to take a chance sometimes.

Mike Dianna, who is Bearded Face Productions, has been bringing the Outer Banks Food Truck Showdowns to the Nags Head Event Site for the past year. He had been thinking for some time that a November event could be successful and looking at the calendar, he noticed no one was scheduling anything for the weekend before Thanksgiving.

So why not a Fall Food Truck Showdown in November?

The weather can be iffy and the days are shorter, but maybe it could work. And, as the Food Truck Showdown on Sunday, Nov. 24 demonstrated it does work.

It was a bit chilly, especially at 11:30 in the morning when the gates opened. There was a wind — not a breeze — off Roanoke Sound and fast-moving clouds kept covering the sun. By 1:00 o’clock, though, the wind became a breeze and the clouds went away.  Still on the cool side, but not bad.

The weather, however, did not keep the crowd away. There’s no official count yet, but an initial estimate puts the attendance at over 1,000.

As always, the Food Truck Showdown was a wonderful family-friendly event and kids made up a good portion of the attendance. With 11 food trucks on hand, hailing from the Outer Banks to Raleigh, there was plenty to sample.

For the most part, the servings were full-sized, which does make it difficult to try everything. Even someone with the heartiest appetite would have trouble trying more than three plates. It helps to have a friend or family sharing, but tasting everything would be a feat worthy of headlines.

Based out of Raleigh, it’s a family affair at Poblanos Tacos and More food truck. (Kip Tabb)

The Hidden Outer Banks sample size was somewhat limited. Nonetheless, two facts were apparent. Everything was very good and the chicken tamales from Poblanos Tacos and More were excellent.

The tamales were classic. Steamed in corn husks, the masa flour that wrapped the filling gave it just a touch of sweetness blending with the filling that had just the right amount of chicken.

Since Poblanos placed third in the Championship competition, our taste buds appear to be on the mark.

A feature that seems to be a hallmark of Bearded Face Productions is great music, and the Fall Food Truck Showdown was no exception.

The kids from the Mustang Outreach Program (MOP) led off. The MOP works with kids to hone onstage performance skills and going from youngest to oldest, the progress the students make from year to year is wonderful to see.

Mojo Collins and Triple Vision was also on hand. Mojo is a living legend in the history of rock ‘n roll and his scorching hot blues licks are marvelous.

Songs From The Road Band wrapped up the music for the day. The band rocked the house at the Mustang Music Festival in October, and they haven’t slowed down.

Their style is based on bluegrass, and mostly, that’s the instruments they play — the electric bass is not typically used in bluegrass — but they take that bluegrass sound to new places. There’s some jazz in it, some blues, some rock…four very talented musicians with a very creative way to view their music.

Next Outer Banks Food Truck Showdown is tentatively scheduled for late May or early June.


The Fall 2018 Food Truck Showdown People’s Choice Winners:

First Place

Fork’et Me Not

Nags Head

Second Place

Y’all Eat Yet?


Third Place

Poblanos Tacos and More


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