Coast Guard warns of Oregon Inlet shoaling

By on December 2, 2019

(U.S. Coast Guard)

The U.S. Coast Guard Station at Oregon Inlet is advising all mariners to exercise caution when transiting through the Basnight Bridge, as there is currently extreme shoaling around the area of Oregon Inlet aid #17.

According to a statement posted on the afternoon of Monday, Dec. 2, the latest Army Corps of Engineers hydrographic survey displays the areas in which the shallow depths are occurring. As shown, certain spots are appearing as low as 3 feet. If you have any questions, contact Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet via Ch 16 or at (252) 441-6260.





  • The Captain

    Just a thought, Shoaling could be interpreted different ways. I heard they were using underwater Jets to get the old bridge pilings loose for removal. Couldn’t that be the reason for the Shoaling. The West side of the Bridge had plenty of water until the removal process started.

    Tuesday, Dec 3 @ 6:06 pm
  • local

    may they can put a jetty
    & do a public poll to name it
    & who every get the lowest public pollings 1% or less results name it after them.
    its how the bridge was named who ever the public didn’t want

    Wednesday, Dec 4 @ 5:42 pm