Coast Guard approved stocking stuffers

By on December 3, 2019

Great additions for underneath the Christmas tree.

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A properly stocked first aid kit
A first aid kit may not be at the top of your holiday shopping list, but it’s an extremely important item that could be the difference in a life or death situation. This gift requires a little more attention as you will need to account for your mariners boating activities. Things to take into consideration are how long it will take for medical assistance to arrive, the activities you participate in and the amount of crew onboard. This gift may need to be wrapped twice as it’s important to keep your kit in a watertight seal or container.


A Coast Guard approved life jacket
A life jacket is the single most important piece of equipment on your boat. More than two-thirds of all boating fatalities are drowning incidents. Unfortunately, 90% of these fatalities could have been avoided with the use of a life jacket. So buy one for your loved one, it could save their life.


A visual distress signal kit

Heavy weather and other hazardous conditions can cause mariners to go unseen and lose communication when in need of help. That’s why it’s imperative that they are equipped with flares, signaling mirrors, and other visual devices. Making a visual distress signal kit is the perfect stocking stuffer to keep your loved one safe this year.

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