Big Curri-Shuck: a tasty staple of the Turkey Day weekend

By on December 4, 2019

By Kip Tabb | Hidden Outer Banks

All you can eat freshly steamed oysters were the feature of the day. (Kip Tabb)

If there is a better way to wrap up Thanksgiving Weekend on the Outer Banks than Saturday’s Big Curri-Shuck, it would be hard to imagine.

What makes it so special is that it really is all about friends and family. It’s about sitting down with food—lots of it—and talking about nothing more consequential than how are the kids doing. How was your Thanksgiving? Or the weather certainly is better this year than last year.

Somehow, faced with mounds of freshly steamed oysters, an oyster knife and whatever the favorite dressing is to put on a steaming mollusk, all those things that supposedly divide us never seem to be a part of the conversation.

Clearly with a name like the “Big Curri-Shuck,” the day was all about shucking oysters, but the 400 or 500 guests on hand at Sanctuary Vineyards had more than just oysters to enjoy.

Hunter Stewart from I Got Your Crabs in Kitty Hawk was supplying the oysters, and for anyone who didn’t want oysters or was looking for a change of crustacean pace, there were also freshly steamed crab.

For a real change of pace, Eddie and Sherry Wissman, owners of Spare Parts Barbecue, were on hand with some great eastern North Carolina barbecue. And the hush puppies were hot and perfect.

For drinks—water and soda, of course. There are always a lot of kids at Sanctuary Vineyard events. But for adults, the wines from Sanctuary Vineyards.

Sanctuary VineyardsTasting Room Manager Elton Singletary pours a sample of wine. (Kip Tabb)

There were bottles for purchase, but also a lot of wine tasting. Vineyard owner John Wright was in the middle of it pouring samples. But the real star of the tasting room was Tasting Room Manager Elton Singletary.

Elton is the master of bad jokes and quick quips — and he really knows his wine. With guests lined up at the tasting bar, he was truly in his element.

There were also four local microbreweries on hand—Outer Banks Brewing Station from Kill Devil Hills, Lost Colony Brewery from Manteo, Weeping Radish located right up the road from Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg, and Ghost Harbor Brewing from Elizabeth City. That’s a lot of beer and a lot of different styles.

With lots of good food and drink the final ingredient needed would be some good music, and that was part of the day as well.

Starting things off, Jonny Waters & Company played a great two-hour set. As is always the case in a large gathering like the Big Currishuck, there were not too many people on the dance floor — or concrete in this case — for about the first hour. By the time Jonny Waters wrapped, though, people were dancing.

Very talented musicians, but what may be most impressive about the band is the depth and range of their repertoire. From country to rock to classics, they seem to know it all and they perform it very well.

Trae Pierce & the T-Stones have been coming up for the past four or five years for the Big Curri-Shuck from Daytona Beach.

Trying to categorize their music is almost impossible. They describe their sound as “Hard Edged Funk, Rock Dynamics, and Hip Hop beats…” Which is mostly right, but then throw in some jazz and a touch of blues from time to time.

The dance floor was filled when they were playing.

Overheard from a number of people at the event is that the Big Curri-Shuck is something they put on their schedule; the one event of the year they absolutely do not want to miss. It is an understandable feeling. A like Thanksgiving dinner, there’s plenty to like about it and not much reason to complain.

Next year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving will be Nov. 28.

A capacity crowd was on hand for the Big Curri-Shuck. (Kip Tabb)

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