Hyde County tells residents to remove vehicles abandoned on Ocracoke

By on December 10, 2019

(Hyde County)

Three dozen ruined and abandoned cars on NC12 on Ocracoke after Dorian. (Lucy Papachristou)

Many vehicles on Ocracoke Island were flooded during Hurricane Dorian and many have since been abandoned along the side of the roads within the village and on National Park Service (NPS) property. Many of these vehicles are in the North Carolina Department of Transportation right of way north of the village, which is on NPS property.

All vehicles within the boundaries of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore must be removed by December 20, 2019 to avoid citation for illegal dumping. NPS does have the legal authority to issue violation notices to the owners of abandoned vehicles and to recover the cost of towing the vehicles off of Cape Hatteras National Seashore property.

For vehicles located outside of NPS boundaries; currently, Hyde County has an abandoned vehicle ordinance that grants the county the authority to remove abandoned vehicles from county property.

Hyde County proposed an amendment to the abandoned vehicle ordinance at the Dec. 2 Hyde County Board of Commissioners meeting that will further allow Hyde County to take possession of and dispose of abandoned vehicles throughout the county. This proposed ordinance will allow Hyde County the authority needed to include removal of these flooded and abandoned vehicles in our current Dorian debris removal program.

That process requires, by law, that we identify the owner of each vehicle and notify the owner of their responsibilities and liabilities in regard to proper legal disposal. The proposed amendment was not voted on and will be discussed again at the January Hyde County Board of Commissioners meeting.

To avoid being cited by NPS or potentially incurring disposal costs for the removal of vehicles from the village, Hyde County strongly suggests that owners of abandoned or discarded vehicles contract with private towing companies for removal of their property.

In many cases, private tow companies will remove flooded vehicles free of charge. Two private tow companies have been serving Ocracoke; Jarvis Towing Company (252) 475-4285 and OBX Towing (252) 588-0001. This is not an endorsement for either company, but is simply informational. Owners can contract with any tow company of their choice.


  • Seal

    Way to go NPS……….
    How about helping these people out instead of kicking them while theyre down !!!!

    Wednesday, Dec 11 @ 8:17 am
  • Billy Payne

    Insane ! The island of Ocracoke has just been opened to outsiders and the NPS wants these vehicles out yesterday – I can’t believe it . Anyone ever seen the debris STILL in La from Katrina ? Give the people time to get back to work – make enough money to be able to eat and pay bills – all of the permanent residents I know will move the vehicles when they have the funds to do so – also insurance companies that have totaled these vehicles are responsible for them now – NOT the previous owners . Just my 2 cents worth .

    Wednesday, Dec 11 @ 11:57 am
  • sandflea

    Uneffingbelievable. I guess the cars must be blocking all the tourists now. They just got a road put in. They were essentially wiped out. Getting people while they’re down and vulnerable while shilling for two towing companies is not a good look. Heck of a job Brownies!

    Thursday, Dec 12 @ 8:16 am
  • Matthew Byrne

    Odd that they would allow folks to tear down a complete home and cart it over to Mount Dorian and it will be hauled away – but not these vehicles?

    Take One (1) ferry and the Two (2) companies that are providing free service and move them all in one day…

    Friday, Dec 13 @ 8:24 am