Goodguys vs Cancer showcase delivered much more than great basketball

By on December 15, 2019

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During the two days of the 2nd annual Goodguys vs Cancer basketball showcase there were: Fifteen games, 21 teams, over a thousand tickets sold, over 23 hours of basketball action, AND there was a lot of emotion.

There were the shouts from fans at the referees, the loud, rhythmic chanting of home court students, the ear-shattering screams following a dunk, the jubilation of winning, and the palatable disappointment of defeat. But there was much more.

The true emotion of the Goodguys vs Cancer event was revealed after the lights on the scoreboard were turned off and most of the fans had exited the gym. Chad Williams, First Flight’s coach and Goodguys vs Cancer founder, reached for the microphone at the end of the court for one last announcement.

With a crackle in his voice, Coach Williams tried to express his thanks to everyone for their support, but not all the words would come out. 

So the Kinston players, quickly joined by his First Flight players, rushed to Coach and surrounded him – Coach Williams was then lost in a sea of young men that offered him comfort and support. The action was spontaneous, genuine, and the true spirit of the event – people supporting people. 

Let’s hope that the 3rd annual Goodguys vs Cancer showcase will be larger, raise more money, and be filled with even more of this emotion.

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