Develop new skills in 2020 with your Dare County Library card!

By on January 2, 2020

Learn anything, anytime, anywhere with Universal Class online courses for your professional and personal growth. There are over 500 online non-credit continuing education courses, each 10- to 20-hours long, but because you learn at your own pace, you can take up to six months to complete each course. Learn job and career skills, academic topics, hobbies, language learning, and more. You can even correspond with an instructor via email. Universal Class is available to registered borrowers of the Dare County Library in the library or from work, school, or home.

Free with your Dare County Library card on any internet device from home, work, or school. Contact Library Staff for more information or assistance. You will need to enter your 14-digit Dare County library card number and email address to access Universal Class.

For more information about Universal Class, please click here.

Universal Class Areas of Study

Click “Course Catalog”, then select an area of study
to see courses available on that topic.
 Accounting
 Alternative Medicine
 Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
 Business
 Career Training
 Computer Training
 Entrepreneurship
 Finance
 General Education
 Health & Medicine
 History
 Homeschooling
 How To/Do It Yourself
 Language Arts
 Law/Legal/Criminal
 Mathematics
 Office Skills
 Parenting and Family
 Personal Care
 Pet and Animal Care
 Psychology
 Real Estate
 Science
 Self-Help
 Social Work
 Special Education
 Spiritual Studies
 Teacher Resources
 Test Preparation
 Web Development
 Writing Skills

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