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Surfrider Foundation, Outer Banks Chapter

Jan. 11 at 6 p.m. |  Outer Banks Brewing Station

On Jan. 11 celebrate 15 years of the Outer Banks Surfrider Chapter. Even better take a spot on the front lines, they invite anyone who’s interested in taking a larger role to please come out and learn more.

Letter from Outer Banks Surfrider Chapter on their website: 

Howdy, Outer Banks Surfrider Chapter members, supporters, and residents in general. You’ve probably noticed we’ve been pretty slack lately. Sorry. It’s not intentional. After more than a decade running the chapter and fighting for coastal causes, our leadership is just pooped. Now, add the fact that both co-chairs needed to step down for differing reasons, and we’ve basically hit the point two things need to happen:

1. An almost entirely whole new board steps up to take the reigns
2. We ‘mothball’ the chapter until some fresh blood feels the need to reboot

So, on Jan. 11, we invite anyone who’s interested in taking a larger role to please come out and learn more. Don’t think you’re capable? Please: none of knew what we were doing 15 years back when we literally restarted the chapter from ashes – plus, you’ll have our experience to lean on. (We’re not going away; we’re just stepping back.) Don’t know the issues? Bring your own! We’ve been focused on offshore drilling, but there’s lots to tackle moving forward from cigarette butts to water quality.

We know we tried this once back in June, but summer craziness tends to limit participation. We’re hoping that slower months will allow for smoother transition. Again: our goal is to help a new board learn the ropes and support new efforts — not pass a baton and leave them hanging.

Not interested? No time? But always been a supporter? Then come out and celebrate a job well done. And we go lots to celebrate: 15 years ago, beach litter was something folks just accepted – today, our Adopt A Beach Program has a waiting list and Beach Sweep and TrashFest our community fixtures. Ten years ago, we couldn’t get any municipality to say the words “offshores drilling.” Today, every town is vocally opposed, and commissioners make regular trips to Raleigh and DC to fight for our coast. That doesn’t include thousands of dollars raised for local college students, miles marched in local parades and — of course — 26 paddle races. None of this was possible without an engaged community.

So come out and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Even better take a spot on the front lines.

The Board
Surfrider Foundation – Outer Banks Chapter

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