KDH woman arrested on drug charges

By on January 16, 2020

(Dare County Sheriff)

As a follow-up to an investigation that produced the Jan. 10 arrest of a Colington man on charges of possession with intent to sell methamphetamine, Dare County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a Kill Devils Hills resident on related charges.

Shawna Nicole Crain, a 39-year-old resident of the 900 Block of Sixth Ave., was arrested on Jan. 15 and charged with aiding and abetting possession with the intent to sell/deliver methamphetamine as well as possession of cocaine. She was released on $6,000 secured bond.

Five days earlier — during a traffic stop that came after the Dare County Drug Task Force received information about drug sales from local motels — Lance Lloyd Montague of Colington was arrested. He was charged with possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and is being held at Dare County Detention Center on a $75,000 secured bond.

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  • Strait out of colington

    Seems strange to me that she was arrested 4 days later..sounds like he’s changing his story..hopefully she gets her day in court

    Thursday, Jan 16 @ 9:14 pm
  • Beach person

    OBX isn’t ready for the meth problems, best buckle up and get ready, if you thought pill and heroin were bad just wait.

    Friday, Jan 17 @ 1:06 pm
  • Koo Flocks

    I’m struggling with the notion that our community has a meth problem. Unacceptable! These guys ought to be arrested, convicted and jailed. Period point blank. These good boogers aren’t going to ruin my martini hour. Koo Flocks, signing off.

    Saturday, Jan 18 @ 6:12 am
  • Steve

    Meth has been an issue on the OBnoXious for a number of years..

    Saturday, Jan 18 @ 8:16 am
  • Sandy beach

    Lotta talking going on. How was she released with such a low bond ? Not on MobilePatrol? Shouldn’t she be a danger to society? How many times can you be arrested for drugs and never get help??? Meth has been here people!!

    Saturday, Jan 18 @ 12:34 pm