Co-existing with coyotes

By on January 18, 2020

Town of Nags Head, NC

With their mating season taking place now through March, you may see increased coyote activity. You can do your part to prevent conflicts with these animals, such as feeding your pets indoors. Learn more about coexisting with coyotes at

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  • WindyBill

    Co-exist with them and watch them eat your pets. A friend was mauled by a coyote under her home just south of Wanchese about 3 years ago. She heard a noise, went down to look and saw her cat pinned under the foot of a shy, wary beast. As opposed to watching nature take its course, she saved her cat and endured at least 15 bite marks. Treated at the O B Hospital, she got rabies treatment for 3 weeks. One shot a day doesn’t sound so bad. Well its actually one shot per day in each puncture wound. When her employer found out, she was fired for endangering their reputation by being thought of as a potential disease carrier. (Actually not possible after a couple days of treatment.) So enjoy watching your dangerous invasive species.
    I, for one, will consider them a threat to my life and act accordingly with careful aim and awareness of what is behind them.

    Sunday, Jan 19 @ 12:54 pm