Dare County Tourism Board Recap | December 2019

By on January 20, 2020

Dare County Tourism Board Recap | December 2019 from Outer Banks Visitors Bureau on Vimeo.

Executive Director, Lee Nettles recaps the Dare County Tourism Board December 2019 meeting actions and give insights into monthly gross receipts on accommodations and restaurants, the Soundside Event Site, new TV spots, and more.

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  • P. Smith

    Lee, you are a nice guy but you fail in leading the organization, creating a comprehensive strategy and execution for the OBX.

    Here is my concern:
    Your overall number development is not telling what is going well and what is not. How is the composition of visitors changing, are they staying longer, what are they spending here in-market, and what is the repeat business (=are people coming back?). Where are people coming from and how are people from different feeder markets spending differently? Is it better to target people in NY who spend more than people in SC who spend less on their trip. You will need this information to then come-up with a strategy to grow the spend. Overall visitor numbers alone, again, won’t tell you much.
    The advertising campaign that you show is best case “cute”. Nothing else. We couldn’t care less if you like it. What matters is if the campaigns drives additional people or increases spend by new people. And then there are no goals. How much does it currently cost to get someone here? How much should it cost. If you don’t have that yet then get to work now. That will help you to develop your strategy.
    The positioning with more beach pictures and waves is an image campaign at best. Everyone knows that we have plenty of beaches and water. Are families the segment we want to grow here? Maybe it is, maybe not. How are we using our available occupancy in the off-season to attract small businesses from NC, VA do host their retreats, teambuilding and retreats here? That would be a nice validation to build a hotel here too. How do we get young-professionals with money (and without kids) to come to the OBX? Should we highlight the food-choices, activities and night-live options? Could we brand OBX as not only the best family option for the East coast but also the very best place for anyone on the EC who wants to be engaged, etc? Get your diving certificate in 4 days with your buddies, etc. Let’s target people that don’t have the OBX on the map yet and who can afford to spend more. That would be motivational.

    Friday, Jan 10 @ 8:04 pm
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