Seeking help for Cape Fear Raptor Center

By on February 5, 2020

Cape Fear Raptor Center

An unusual case at Cape Fear Raptor Center… Wild animals of all kinds are having trouble existing in our world today. Normal raptor cases usually fall into these categories: shot, hit by car, hit by plane, collided with window, electrocuted, lead poisoning, entanglement with string or garbage, caught in steel trap, rodent poisoning, insect poisoning, glue traps, burned by landfill methane burn-off, territorial disputes, habitat loss and thus food loss, and the list just goes on. This is an interesting case that may be different.

From what I understand, this bird has lead poisoning, foot damage due to a clinched talon, fixed pupils, and ears that have been bleeding. Lead poisoning is now unfortunately normal for many raptors. The foot clinch that drove a talon into soft tissue that got infected is sort of strange. What is going on? The location where it was found, the fixed pupils and the bleeding ears may help answer the question. I would venture that this bird sustained a traumatic brain injury and ruptured ear drums from being in close proximity to an explosive blast. That may have been the start of the spiral downward. The lead poisoning could have been there before or after the bird was incapacitated. The foot damage may have been caused by seizures as a result of the TBI, but could be the lead also. This is all conjecture, since I have not seen this bird. The point is this: this is a complicated case, and this bird is going to need a lot of care for a long time. Please help support her recovery by supporting Cape Fear Raptor Center. They get some tough cases!

The last piece of the puzzle of what may have happened to this eagle is this: the bird was found on a DOD training site where they regularly use explosives and heavy weapons…

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