Non-resident property owners barred from Currituck OBX

By on March 20, 2020

(Currituck County)

Currituck County has amended its State of Emergency to increase restrictions regarding access to the Currituck County section of the Outer Banks. Effective at 10:00 p.m. tonight, March 20, access to the Currituck Outer Banks is denied to visitors AND non-resident property owners. At this time, there is no evacuation order for any visitors or non-resident property owners who may already be present in the Currituck Outer Banks.

The restrictions fall upon any attempting to gain access as of 10:00 p.m. tonight. Permanent residents of Currituck County will be able to enter Dare County to conduct business, work, and attend medical appointments. To gain access, Currituck County residents must have an ID that shows a Currituck County address. The law enforcement checkpoint will continue to operate at the Wright Memorial Bridge, on the Dare County side. There will be no restrictions on motorists coming from Dare County north into Currituck County.


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  • surf123

    For those complaining about not being able to access their second homes I say tough luck and good luck without your rents coming in. Many will need it and it is unlikely that your rental calendar will be full. It’s unfortunate, but the rental market is not sustainable when disaster strikes. I know someone who works for a rental company and they have already been fielding the refund calls and of course redirecting them to the insurance company. A collapse of the rental market would be welcome as we will not have to deal with traffic. I don’t need your money so your threats of not coming back mean nothing to me.

    I’ll remind those non-resident home owners that they do not live in Dare County. Everyone knows the only reason you care is because you were coming down for vacation. The stores have limited supplies, the restaurants are closed for the most part, and entertainment venues are all closed.

    Sunday, Mar 22 @ 8:10 am
  • Spoonyrae

    Wow! After reading the comments on here, thought I would thank our elected officials for looking after the health, safety ,and welfare of your constituents. It is obvious that the comments I have read show others think only of themselves.

    Sunday, Mar 22 @ 8:21 am
  • Mark

    It’s not personal. North Carolina Education Lottery pays the majority of public school expenses not taxes.
    3 million people a year visit the Outer Banks. Dare county contributions to the entire state are close to 40%. The money that stays here after the government gets their cut is no different then the money that stays in your community after the government gets their cut.
    North Carolina is among the lowest property taxed states in the country, so we as homeowners, living here or not, do not contribute as much as you think to the over all foundation of Dare County operating budget.
    That money goes to road and bridge repairs more than anything else just to keep Dare County viable. And without Dare County being viable, portions of Currituck and Hyde Counties are non-viable or non-accessible.
    Please is not personal! It’s simply practical!

    Sunday, Mar 22 @ 9:05 am
  • Ryan Scarborough

    I am a nonresident property owner of a couple properties in the OBX, including Currituck.
    I am also a medical worker, on the front lines.

    I was going to use one of my homes there to “shelter in place” for my family while I work in the hospital so I could keep them safe.

    So I sympathize with both sides, however, from a legal standpoint, if there is an injured party involved, there would be legal argument to make from the 5th amendment. I do think the counties have went too far and there is the possibility of class action lawsuits depending upon how events transpire.

    Sunday, Mar 22 @ 9:11 am
  • One voice

    Hello good people from all over.
    We all are trying to stop moving about like we normally do so we can stop the spread of the silent killer. This is science, look at the other countries make some sacrifices.
    There will be plenty of time Later after the crisis for grievances, let’s be united in every state do what you can to limit contact for a short time
    learn how to work smart and protect your community.
    On a mental health note
    A lot of Fear is coming at us from outside sources more than usual remember that your well-being comes from your inner sources please share them with your neighbor.

    Sunday, Mar 22 @ 9:16 am
  • David williams

    I reside in Buncombe county NC and have been renting a home in Nags Head for several years for our vacation week. I was shocked to read this morning that we will be barred from the house we rented. I would assume the rental agency will refund our money that we have paid in full. I understand the importance of social distancing and all of the precautions recommended by the CDC but with everything being closed to the public our business being closed down and out of work anyway, a trip to the beach bringing our own food and drink to come relax on the beach was the perfect escape form the reality of our current situation. We didn’t plan to interact with others, just enjoy some quiet time together. Just saying…. disappointed….

    Sunday, Mar 22 @ 10:14 am
  • Mae

    PANDEMIC, how does that not resonate? Get over it!! Really? Really!

    Sunday, Mar 22 @ 8:10 pm
  • Bud

    It’s common sense folks. Yet people still want to come here from big cities and towns to infect us. Tourists will be the death of this place. has been going downhill since the tourism board was founded.

    Monday, Mar 23 @ 7:14 am
  • Lee

    Over the past few weeks I have learned so much about our fellow US citizens. Some folks priorities i can not understand. For the people complaining here the loudest you need to know that the health and welfare of my 86 year old father and my 80 year old mother, a lung cancer survivor is more important than your ownership of rental or second home. My family has lived on the outer banks for over 200 years. We were just fine before there was tourist. For you that want to sell and never come back, have at it. The obx is a beautiful and special place, for every one that leaves two will replace you. A big thank you to our local government for what you are doing. Thank you to the non resident property owners who understand and are not crying all over them self. Just do what you are told to do and stay home. If you do not like where you live move.

    Monday, Mar 23 @ 1:48 pm
  • Len

    To all non resident home owners of Dare county ,NC. Do not waste your time with These yahoos. Contact the governor, senators and congressmen presiding over the eastern district of NC. Dont forget US attorney. Higdon. Send serious complaints only. Thank you

    Wednesday, Mar 25 @ 5:58 pm
  • Doc Mirror

    How sad to see all those in Currituck OBX authority willing to destroy the rights of Americans. Even more sad to see those residents agreeing. I guess when fascism comes to the outer banks, it will be welcome with open arms.

    Hasn’t worked out well for those who embraced it in history. Hope you reap what you sow.

    Thursday, Mar 26 @ 6:50 pm
  • James Madison

    It’s a fifth amendment issue, not a “locals” issue. By restricting access to property owner’s homes you are effectively seizing their homes, which is a violation of the fifth amendment.

    I doubt any local would be willing to give up their 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to own a firearms during a pandemic, and neither should a home-owners be forced to give their 5th Amendment right.

    We should be looking at the long-term consequences of our actions and how they will affect our society and freedoms, rather than our own personal preferences.

    Friday, Mar 27 @ 2:13 pm
  • A Nags Head resident

    I am appalled at some of the comments here! I have many friends still working in the front lines putting their lives in danger, and I am staying at home to protect them and others like my 87 year old mother. This virus is spreading like the common cold but much more serious. Dare County is doing what it needs to do (just like hurricane evacuations!), to protect its residents. I praise them!! A person can walk around and infect people for 2 weeks! We Americans are mobile and 1 person can potentially infect thousands, like in West Chester NY! Our little hospital has about 3-4 ventilators, and it’s a 2 hour ride to the next ventilator! FYI, a ventilator breathes for you when you can’t, it keeps you alive and this is a virus that attacks lungs directly. Best treatment is prevention and that is what our county is thankfully doing for us! Thank you Dare! Retired Operating Room Nurse

    Saturday, Mar 28 @ 11:09 am
  • Mike B

    In 1965 there were 160 permanent residence on the OBX they and their descendants are the true locals . The rest of you are transplants that now restrict our 5th amendment rights. You have seized my business and my home where I live more than 50% of time and yes I am from that area and my father worked for the power company that keeps ur power on during any crisis but because my ID doesn’t have a township address I can’t access I say bull and shame on you transplanted arrogant people that have now gained local power.

    Wednesday, Apr 8 @ 8:34 am