TOBH Chief of Staff makes appeal for ‘interpersonal civility’

By on March 27, 2020

Dr. Dan Dwyer, Chief of Staff at The Outer Banks Hospital speaks about social distancing and the Dare County Stay at Home order along with the importance of social media civility.


  • Yes Master

    Just shut the comments off on all the stories, make a bunch of irrational decisions and then whine when people vent.

    Friday, Mar 27 @ 6:33 pm
  • Life long Local

    Hi, Dr. Dan Dwyer

    thank you for your commitment to public health in our community .

    but it definitely sound like you need a chill pill

    Friday, Mar 27 @ 10:29 pm
  • Steve

    No time for social media, there is too much fun to be had surfing, fishing, flying, beach driving, hiking, kayaking, hobbies, relaxing.

    Saturday, Mar 28 @ 6:50 am
  • NRPO

    Just curious it our real estate taxes go to help support the hospital or other dare county emergency services? I sure hope not considering NRPOs have been discriminated against. If so then it sounds like the county needs to consider two different tax rates – higher for permanent residents to to pay for the desire to have these services all to themselves.

    Saturday, Mar 28 @ 10:38 am
  • Big ben

    In response To NRPOs comment,
    WHAT about your massive amount of rubbish, automobiles…some 8 cars to a house, emergency services usage, pollution, sewage, etc, etc that YOUR RENTERS cause drying 4 and 5 months out of the year??? Probably 10 times what 1 local resident homeowner uses except for maybe if they have children using local schools and the NC State Lottery pays for alot of educational expenses. I feel that locals and NRPOs should get along but given some comments by NRPOs I dont see how that’s possible at th e time. Hopefully that will be cured in the future. Please try to understand, its TEMPORARY, and look at the big picture. NRPO as it’s not about you having a homeowners beach vacation right now. Last thing you should be thinking about anyhow.

    Saturday, Mar 28 @ 3:09 pm
  • Mama Helen

    Dr. D is awesome-sauce. Sure, he delivered another baby in December (17th), and I knew he was a great man then… But wow!
    Thanks for keeping it real again and again. Let’s all be nice, pray, and enjoy our health.

    Thanks to ALL of our commissioners taking a bunch of heat and bs from opposing others.

    I personally like to have the visiting homeowners – keep hiring us local folk to fix your homes! seaworthypainting@. Gmail

    Sunday, Mar 29 @ 5:36 pm
  • NRPO

    To Big Ben – Interesting to me all of your assumptions – I don’t rent – I live about a third of the year in the OBX – I don’t pack my house with people and cars and me and my family do not produce irresponsible amounts of waste – my house is truly a second home – but thanks for letting me know how you generalize everyone. My point was I have a house that is a second residence and I have been denied access yet pay the same rate and for the same services as everyone else.

    Sunday, Mar 29 @ 8:21 pm
  • Big ben

    To NRPO
    So my apologies to you and you dont rent your house but your here alot of the time. You use services while you and your family are here, you create waste, you use our roads and bridges, etc etc.,,on your beach house. I was not generalizing as most folks with a 2and home rent to vacationers proportionally. By the way did you know NC DMV requires you get a NC drivers license, pay tax on your car locally, and state, and pay registration here after 60 days…which I’m sure you have not done otherwise you would not experience the issues you’re experiencing. That goes to others too. I do hope someday NRPOs and locals can get along again but seeing some of the bad comments from NRPOs I dont see that coming to fruition soon. My point is that the ban is Temporary and necessary for the time being as a matter of slowing the spread, controlling a run on our supplies as their have been logistical issues, and preventing overcrowding the small OBX hospital, etc. Its not about your vacation time at your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc beach house.

    Monday, Mar 30 @ 10:25 am