Dare Sheriff’s deputies ticketing checkpoint cheaters

By on March 31, 2020

(Photo by Ray Turner)

Virtually every day, on social media and elsewhere, rumors and stories surface about people finding ways to circumvent the restriction on non-residents and non-resident property owners entering the Outer Banks.

Conversations with Dare County and Currituck County officials, many of them private, produce a general consensus that there can be little doubt that some people, often highly motivated, are able to break the blockade by slipping through checkpoints. But putting any kind of a realistic number on how many people are attempting or succeeding at that proves to be very difficult.

Asked about the issue, Dare County Manager Bobby Outten said that, “I’m certain that there have been people that have violated the rules and gotten in. If you’re asking me if I’ve seen a specific case, the answer is no.”

For his part, Dare County Sheriff Doug Doughtie told the Voice that his officers have seen, and have taken action against, a small group of people who have tried to enter the county with a person hidden in the trunk of the car.

“We’ve had a couple…of these instances,” Doughtie said. “They’re at the Wright Memorial Bridge. If everything doesn’t add up” when sheriff’s office personnel survey the vehicle, “we can question a little further.” Aside from turning the cars around, those drivers can also be ticketed, he said.

Doughtie added that “in some cases, people who drive to the checkpoint know they’re in the wrong and they turn around and go back out. Maybe some get through, but what we are seeing on a numbers basis, I wouldn’t say those are high numbers.”


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  • Mark Brawley

    After reading these comments over the last week,2 things strike me Bob Woodward is very condescending individual and,#2 seems like Caroline is still stuck in the. Covalent War Era

    Monday, Apr 6 @ 8:42 am
  • Stevejo

    If the NRPOs feel so strongly about suing the County and not paying property taxes during this global pandemic, then I believe the County Manager should at least make a one time exception to allow them on the OBX, gather their personal items and GTHO! Sell your house and stay up North. If your attitude is to file a lawsuit during this time of uncertainty then you are not the type of people deserving of the name Outer Bankers. Bye Bye

    Monday, Apr 6 @ 3:31 pm
  • B Miller

    My family has property in the OBX and this is so upsetting. No one should be deprived of attending to their property. I hope every legal option will be used against Dare Counties actions.

    Monday, Apr 6 @ 3:33 pm