In a dark time, 1,000 (at least) points of light

By on April 2, 2020

OBX Lights United  |  Hosted by Misty Doug Moore and Rebecca Wilson

With social distancing a requirement right now, there is a need for all of us to unite together as a community. Where there is light, there is hope and I’m asking every house to turn your front porch light or outside light on for a few hours on April 4, 2020 starting at 8 p.m. On this date, the space station is supposed to be visible over the OBX and hopefully a picture will be taken from space (praying for clear skies).

SPOT THE STATION  | Sighting Location: Kitty Hawk

Sat Apr 4, 8:29 PM4 min36°10° above NNW25° above E
Sat Apr 4, 10:07 PM< 1 min10°10° above W10° above W

Let’s show the world that just because we have to keep our distance right now, it doesn’t mean we stop loving or caring about each other. We stand united that we will not be overcome by this virus. In fact, we will come back from this unexpected season stronger than ever! Please join me and unite our lights!

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  • bluedevil bruce

    I would love to turn my light on if the Government of dare county would let me visit the house I own and pay taxes on. I am sure there will be no tax break and the town of Manteo will not reduce my water bill since I cannot use it.

    Friday, Apr 3 @ 12:36 pm
  • Steve

    Supposed to be sheltering at home, not spreading germs from state to state and contaminating the communities where you have a piece of property. Stay at home means your home, where you live.

    Sunday, Apr 5 @ 5:04 am