A man who soared

By on April 7, 2020

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Many on the Outer Banks are mourning William B. (Bill) Koebornick, who died in a tragic accident today. These lovely photographs of Bill in the skies above Dare County were taken by Rosie Hawthorne.

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  • @Sean

    Bill was a neighbor and friend. He always flew by giving our kids the thrill of a lifetime. He did “tricks” around the house just for us giving us our own little private air show. His flights and kindness will be missed. A good man taken from this earth far to soon.

    You will be missed Bill.

    Wednesday, Apr 8 @ 6:01 am
  • CheetahOBX

    Very sad to read/hear of this news……I, did not, personally, know him(of him)….but sure that I probably saw him from time at the beach……I was(am) always in awe of people doing this along
    with the kite boards and such…….thoughts & prayers to his family/relatives/friends/coworkers…….

    Wednesday, Apr 8 @ 11:42 pm