To vote in 2020, check your registration info

By on April 20, 2020

Dare County Board of Elections

In an effort to be proactive and eliminate possible election problems, Dare County Board of Elections has taken extra steps to try to ensure that our voting rolls are up to date and accurate. The 2020 election promises to be a big one, so put your stay-at-home time to good use and check to make sure that your voter registration information is correct.

Start by checking your voter registration. Click here.

  1. If address or party affiliation change is needed, DMV now offers online access to make changes to existing voter registrations and to register for the first time. Both require that voter has a DMV license or DMV-issued ID. To use this method, click here.


  1. No DMV ID? No problem. To register, download a copy of the voter registration form, fill it out and return it to the local board of elections by mail or in person. Click here.

Since the 2018 election, 5,707 voters have been removed from the rolls for a variety of reasons.

  1. To check the list of removed voters with reason for removal, click here: REMOVED VOTERS LIST.

Periodically, the state notifies local boards of elections of deceased voters in their respective counties. These reports only include those who have died within the state; those passing in other states are removed only when notified by family members or agents representing estates.

  1. Forms for removal due to death can be found at this link.


  1. There are now 2,008 voters listed as inactive. If the inactive voter presents to the polls to vote, they may have to present a license or acceptable document to prove their address is accurate. The voter will be allowed to cast a ballot but it could be a provisional ballot and that process takes longer and holds up the lines thus slowing up voting in general. Voters deemed to be inactive are still registered voters. To see the list of inactives and the reasons they are included on the list, click here: INACTIVE VOTERS LIST


In addition to the very serious health and economic impacts already felt by many, North Carolina State Board of Elections officials predict that Coronavirus may impact the November election. If fears of contracting the virus are still existent, some poll workers could opt out of working in the November election, thus reducing the available manpower needed to staff precinct polling sites.  Voting could take longer, all the more reason to ensure your registration is valid so voting goes smoothly.

Both state and federal officials are discussing the possibility of implementing changes to prepare for what is expected to be a very large voter turnout. Dare County Board of Elections will have no role in determining what changes might be made but will be responsible for implementing them.

Dare County Board of Elections strives to maintain the integrity of elections and wants to ensure that every eligible person has the opportunity to vote and that every vote counts.

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