Dare, Currituck, Hyde counties open to visitors May 16

By on May 6, 2020

(Currituck and Dare County)

Currituck County, Dare County, and Hyde County will lift restrictions on entry for visitors beginning Saturday, May 16, at 12:01 a.m. This decision follows the announcement by Governor Roy Cooper on May 5 to issue Executive Order 138 which will modify North Carolina’s Stay at Home order and transition to Phase 1 of slowly easing certain COVID-19 restrictions.

Entry for visitors on Saturday, May 16 at 12:01 a.m. includes the towns of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and Manteo; Hatteras Island; Roanoke Island; the Dare mainland; the Currituck County Outer Banks; campgrounds on the Currituck County mainland; and Ocracoke Island.

Allowing visitors on May 16 will allow seven days for local businesses, attractions, and accommodations providers to prepare for the arrival of visitors following the expiration of the Governor’s original Stay at Home order.

Before traveling to the Outer Banks, visitors are encouraged to contact their accommodations provider to confirm their reservation and arrival plans.

As visitors prepare for vacation, it is important to remember that the coronavirus is not over. There are still State and local restrictions in effect to protect everyone’s safety that may impact the way you have vacationed on the Outer Banks in the past.  For example:


  • Social distancing guidelines are still in place.
  • Public gatherings are limited to 10 people or less.
  • Getting food from restaurants continues to be on a take-out or delivery basis.
  • Businesses, including grocery stores, have limits on the number of people allowed in the store at any given time based on square footage.
  • Personal care and grooming businesses and entertainment businesses without retail or dining are not open yet based on State regulations which are not determined or controlled by our local government.


Also, remember that the CDC recommends not to travel if you are sick or were recently exposed (within 14 days) to COVID-19. Additionally, individuals are encouraged to wear a mask or cloth face covering in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Like many places in the United States, visitors should expect to see changes in product availability as supply chain demand fluctuates across the nation. If possible, bring   essentials with you, including paper products and non-perishable groceries.

Updated information regarding entry to the Currituck Outer Banks, along with COVID-19 information and Resources for Citizens and Businesses, can be found on the Currituck County website at https://co.currituck.nc.us/.

Updated information about Hyde County Mainland entry is available at http://www.hydecountync.gov/mainland_covid-19_entry/index.php.  Updated information on Ocracoke entry can be found at  http://www.hydecountync.gov/ocracoke-covid/index.php.

Updated information about Dare County entry is available on the Dare County website at www.darenc.com/entry.

For FAQ’s regarding the Governor’s Executive Order No. 138 that moves North Carolina into “Phase 1” of easing certain COVID-19 restrictions to help revive the economy while protecting public health, visit  https://files.nc.gov/governor/documents/files/FAQs-for-Phase-1-EO-FINAL.pdf


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  • Trashcan Man

    Nothing open, empty shelves in grocery stores, no PPE, but what the hell?
    Smart tourists, respectful tourists, will stay at home. Their jobs in question going forward, who spends a couple of thousand dollars on a vacation anywhere let alone a vulnerable location such as the Outer Banks?
    Lets hope that those that do come here are respectful and get respect from all.

    Stay home, stay safe.

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 12:22 pm
  • Tri-Village

    This is a little too much at once. First off I understand the importance of our economy and the reliance on tourism. There needs to be a plan in place to protect ourselves and our visitors. What about sanitation? How are we going to protect guests ? There is not enough time on change over days to properly sanitize the houses . The comforters don’t get washed, the pillows don’t get changed . This virus isn’t magically going away because the economy needs to get going. Are more than 10 people allowed to stay in the rental house? These are serious things that need to be addressed. Since stores are still under phase 1 , they are allowed to have a fraction of people in the store at one time. How is that going to work when the population increases tenfold over night? I am ready for the season to start but these are legitament concerns that need to be addressed. If a visitor has covid-19 and leaves Saturday morning at 10 and the new guests check in Saturday afternoon at 4 , is that enough time to guarantee the new guests will not contract the virus?

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 12:43 pm
  • Steve

    Was nice while it lasted..
    One more week until we need to shelter at home and go only to the nice beaches two miles up the road. Will have to stock up on supplies to get through the dreaded summer months.

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 1:06 pm
  • Part Time OBX'er

    Thank you Dare, Currituck, and Hyde Counties for creating an intelligent, reasonable, and steady approach to re-opening the OBX! Great work.

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 1:52 pm
  • Zack Bass

    I wish us luck.

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 1:54 pm
  • Localone

    way to go! No phasing at all … let’s just open up to get that money…. and the virus

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 2:17 pm
  • WOW

    Welcome to Moronville. Visitors coming, tanning salon already open, and the almighty dollar has called the shot. Opening Dare the 16th will end up a nightmare.

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 2:20 pm
  • Michael

    Way way way to soon. Here we go

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 2:32 pm
  • Willy c

    Its all about the money

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 2:35 pm
  • Luke Skywalker

    Darn it, Emperor Palpatine is back…

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 3:43 pm
  • Blackbeard

    Letting the tourists on the island is going to be a huge mistake. Most of these folks are coming from highly infected areas up North. The hoards will come unprepared, and will not only cause the covid virus to increase massively, they will overwhelm the grocery stores and Walmart, etc. They WILL NOT practice social distancing mark our words. Dare county board was doing well and being proactive but they caved in. This decision will cause an increase in infected persons and will drain the stores supplies. Mark our words. Keep the tourists out until the virus numbers become under control more nationally. This whole area will be one big petrie dish with many tourists from many areas. They will behave like they on vacation. Nothing will change as far as behavior while they’re here. BIG MISTAKE!!!

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 4:17 pm
  • surf123

    The only plan made is to let them in to get their money. I have not seen a contingency plan if the infections go up, which means there is not a complete plan. On the upside for some of us if the infections go up significantly they will flush everyone again and we can have the beach to ourselves again. August/September timeframe suits me the best for surfing, but I’ll take anytime.

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 7:59 pm
  • Obxatheart

    Well being I’m a northerner coming down don’t lump us all in as coming from infected hot spots. My county has had less than 15 confirmed cases with no deaths. Surrounding counties are the same. We are bringing all our supplies except milk. We will support the local businesses while still wearing proper PPE that we will also be bringing along. I’m planning to protect my family from the virus while still supporting the island that I have grown to love. It can be done as long as you don’t have narrow minded views.

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 8:24 pm
  • Robert Conrad

    #1 its not your island. How long would the full time residents last without the NRPO’s and visitors?
    The life as you know it now would go down the drain. Who’s gonna pay for your schools, PD, Fire protection without the out of county tourists money coming in every year.
    Everybody outside of the Outer Banks is adhering to safe guidelines set out by our states.
    Why do all the comments think we’re all teenagers on spring break and not being responsible.
    We have been going to The Outer Banks for the last 35 years, supporting local businesses. Sorry to say, this will be the last year we come down if this attitude keeps up.
    Good luck Outer Banks.

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 8:28 pm
  • Mary

    NC Governor Roy Cooper has declared EASING into opening the economy under Phase One until May 22nd. STAY AT HOME REMAINS in place with FEWER restrictions. Allowing THOUSANDS of visitors into our counties does NOT follow these state mandated guidelines! I don’t know who made this decision ($$$) but… BIG MISTAKE!!!

    Wednesday, May 6 @ 8:42 pm
  • Staying Home

    I am staying home so I will not become one of the numbers. Just give it six to eight weeks and they will be closing everything back down when the numbers go up. Then they will say SORRY. How many lives does it take to learn that this is KILLER?

    Thursday, May 7 @ 5:14 am
  • Human Utencil for the Rich

    The hardest thing in the human life is trying not to lose your soul in the struggle for the golden coins!
    May God protect us all……

    Thursday, May 7 @ 5:37 am
  • Pregnant without toilet paper

    Way to go Dare Co. we don’t have enough toilet paper for year round local residents but somehow you feel we’re in a position to host an unlimited number of tourists?why did you ban NRPOs at all? How can our cleaning teams possibly understand how to clean houses efficiently so we don’t become an epicenter of outbreak when hand sanitizer isn’t even available?
    I understand businesses need to reopen but you just began phasing NRPOs and we haven’t allowed grocery stores the chance to keep up with that! This is foolish.

    Thursday, May 7 @ 7:14 am
  • Sadlady

    We have chosen not to come for our week beginning the 17th. Most of us are coming from up North. However just know you already have the bulk of our rent which we paid in good faith in October. Now we won’t get that back either. So you have our money, we won’t be coming. Now that we know the real feelings of the locals, I’m not sure we will come next year either. I really had no idea you felt this way towards visitors. (Personally, we live right up the road in Virginia, but our family was coming from the North).

    Thursday, May 7 @ 7:29 am
  • Dude

    The OBX is run by idiots, better stock up this weekend everyone before the tourists get here.

    Thursday, May 7 @ 7:29 am