NC estimates 9,115 have recovered from COVID-19

By on May 11, 2020

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary (NCDHHS) Mandy Cohen

Speaking during a May 11 media briefing, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary (NCDHHS) Mandy Cohen unveiled a new number designed to further track and explain the trajectory of the COVID-19 virus. Acknowledging that this is an inexact science, she estimated that the number of recovered North Carolina COVID-19 patients is currently 9,115. As of May 11, there have 15,045 reported cases overall.

This passage from the NCDHHS website tries to explain the methodology for counting those who have recovered.

“The estimated number of patients presumed to be recovered from symptoms from COVID-19 is used in combination with other measures to provide a general sense of how many people with COVID-19 have likely recovered from symptoms. North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) estimates a median time to recovery of 14 days from the date of specimen collection for non-fatal COVID-19 cases who were not hospitalized, or if hospitalization status is unknown. The estimated median recovery time is 28 days from the date of specimen collection for hospitalized non-fatal COVID-19 cases. Estimates are used since patient-specific data on the actual time to resolution of all symptoms are not available for all COVID-19 cases in North Carolina.”

In response to several reporters’ questions about the number of recovered people, Cohen said that, “We have been very clear. This is an estimate…This is our best attempt at this given the squishiness of these things.”


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  • Zack Bass

    It will be interesting to see what happens in Dare County after Memorial Day. Hopefully nothing.

    Tuesday, May 12 @ 6:49 am
  • Trashcan Man

    “Squishiness?” Is that a technical term? Of what significance is the number of recovered patients? This virus is spread by people who may not even know that they contaminating others.

    Is the number of recovered patients, and this number is admittedly a guess, supposed to make us feel better?


    Tuesday, May 12 @ 11:06 am
  • Part Time OBX'er

    NOTE: These figures are based on those that have been tested only. So of the est. 196,000 tested, 15,045 confirmed, and 9,115 have recovered, 550 have passed away, leaving 5,380 or so that are active throughout the state of NC. There is approximately 10.4 million residents of NC – its all about perspective. That’s a death toll of approx. 0.005% of the overall population of the state. Does that justify mass fear mongering and panic? Just food for thought.

    Tuesday, May 12 @ 11:26 am
  • TooMuch

    Yes, Part Time OBX’er-using data to bring rationalization to the fear-mongering, ongoing media narrative that has taken over logical thinking! Thank you!!

    Wednesday, May 13 @ 6:56 am