Dare County Land Transfers

By on May 13, 2020

April 30 to May 7, 2020


Mcdonald Michelle C from Latsch Philip J; 014809011—Lot 11 Kinnakeet Shrs; $385,000; Improved Residential.

Kestner Cynthia Lynn from Budosh Stephen J; 027817017—Lot 17 Phs 1 Kinnakeet Shrs; $544,000; Improved Residential.



Meekins Adam Willis from Moore Donna L; 026569217—Lot 17 Sec 2 Flowers Ridge; $285,000; Improved Residential.



35 Degrees LLC from Seafood Properties Inc; 020902000—Metes & Bounds; $14,500; Vacant Residential.

Andrews Mitzi from Weidman Walter A; 020775000—Lot 15 Sec X Colington Hrbr; $72,000; Improved Residential.

Hughes Carolyn K from Jenkins Robert H; 020038000—Lot 55 Sec O Colington Hrbr; $425,000; Improved Residential.

Mitchell Deborah A from Colington Pointe LLC;   018697085—Unit 26 Colington Pointe; $299,000; Improved Residential.



Noble Julius C Jr from HSBC Bank; 010067024—Lot 24 Four Seasons; $734,475; Improved Residential.



Ward Thomas C from D’allegro Lance S; 015258000—Lot 11 Holiday Haven; $282,500; Improved Residential.

Hatch Clifton A from Harrison John R Jr; 014896003—Lot 3 Murray Bay; $141,000; Vacant Residential.

Burnette Cheryl H from Jones Tina Grace; 012147000—Lot 30 Paradise Bay; $330,000; Improved Residential.



Cannon Albert Earl III from Jones David L Jr; 015506000—Lot 4 Blue Marlin; $290,000; Improved Residential.


Kill Devil Hills

Newberg Nathan E from Peer Mark R; 008392000—Lot 9 Blk B Ocean Acres; $357,000; Improved Residential.

Ahlsted Arthur R from Mehall Shawn; 002295000—Lot 78 Wright Shores; $315,000; Improved Residential.

Dail William from Ledoyen Michael T Jr; 000165000—Lot 53 Orville Beach W; $355,000; Improved Residential.

Smith Bradley R from Bear Fred E III; 004891023—Bld/Uni 1&3-B Lake Drive Indus; $120,000; Improved Commercial.

Smith Bradley R from Bear Fred E III; 004891022—Bld/Uni 1&3-A Lake Dr Indus; $120,000; Improved Commercial.

Dorman Caroline Jane from Lafountaine Leah S Bunn; 001178000—Lot 719 Avalon Bch Anx; $21,5000; Improved Residential.

Prince James R from RJ Properties; 001300000—Lot 534 Avalon Beach Anx; $176,250; Improved Residential.

Fager Loralee Ann from Mitchell Jeffrey B; 005140000—Lot 8 Blk C Whispering Pines; $292,500; Improved Residential.

Garner Thomas A from Smith Haywood Anderson; 000758000-Metes & Bounds; $335,000; Improved Residential.

Penner Jeffrey from Lone Cedar Land Dev; 004582015—Unit 902-A Nature’s Walk; $274,900; Condo.


Kitty Hawk

Sears Melissa B from Runkle Kenneth Wayne; 018334305—Blk C Unit 5 Sea Dunes; $255,000; Condo.

Jones Bobby J from Evans Bob; 011160003—Lot 3 John L Beacham; $322,500; Improved Residential.

Winters Howard J III from Metzger Christopher E; 010733000—Lot 42 Blk 32 Sec A Kh Beach; $557,500; Improved Residential.

Tolbert Shelley from Tice Tina M; 027566066—Lot 6 S Woods Cottages; $298,000; Improved Residential.



Rose Tom Trustee from Jordan Elaine; 025730008—Lot 8 The Flats; $257,000; Improved Residential.

Rountree Cameron J from Hall Clayton E; 025536015—Lot 15 Cedar Bay; $242,000; Improved Residential.

Flaherty Morgan W from Pair-Of-Docs; 025694402—Lot 45 Ballast Pt; $655,000; Improved Residential.

Mckee Investments LLC from Shallowbag G31 LLC; 030836031—Unit G31 Shallowbag Bay; $22,500; Boat Slip.


Manteo (Outside)

Weimer David E from Mceachern John Philip; 024410031—Lot 73 Heritage Pt ; $530,000; Improved Residential.

Vonella Deborah L from Clark Chester C III; 025194007—Lot 7 Kellam Estates; $287,000; Improved Residential.

Allen Trey R from Albarty Jefferson Lee;    024948005—Metes & Bounds; $465,000; Improved Residential.

Morris Keith D from Phillips Wendi K; 024371000—Metes & Bounds; $872,250; Improved Residential.

Morris Keith D from Phillips Wendi K; 024371000—Lot 1 Amnd To Minor Sub; $60,000; Improved Residential.

Smith James C from Vanmiddlesworth Todd D; 016222000—Lot 15 Dogwood Hills; $260,000; Improved Residential.


Martins Point

Pyle Steven Craig Jr from Jeter Connie D; 029304014—Lot 14 Blk 2 Martin’s Pt; $120,000; Vacant Residential.


Nags Head

Grimsley Allan R from Villa Dunes LLC; 011346000—Bld/Uni F3 The Villas; $200,000; Condo.

Chappell Douglas Scott from Slate William C Jr; 016551063—Lot 60 Old Nags Head Place; $670,000; Improved Residential.

Rouse Kim M from Martins Jane H; 008556075—Lot 75 Old Hotel Lots; $395,000; Improved Residential.

Abeyounis Gregory L from Cobb William T; 030369000—Lot 44 Sec 1 Southridge; $125,000; Vacant Residential.



Weddle Zachary from Diersen Glenn R; 012465001—Lot 1 Plat Fearing-Johnson; $465,000; Improved Residential.

Lamz Melvin R from Bauer Mary Lou; 026752000—Metes & Bounds; $175,000; Improved Residential.


Southern Shores

BNG Cottage LLC from Kuykendall James M Tte; 021001000—Lot 22 Blk 60 S Shores; $619,000; Improved Residential.

Lloyd Brandon from Zimmerman D Kent; 022579000—Lot 3 Blk 127 S Shores; $450,000; Improved Residential.


Stumpy Point

Midgett Daniel from Hanna George R Ttee; 024024000—Prt-Metes & Bounds; $16,000; Family Deed.



Keyes John Martin from Inlowtide LLC; 014324214—Lot 14 St Waves; $638,000; Improved Residential.





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