‘It may be a little bit different’

By on May 13, 2020

Currituck Commissioner Chair Bob White’s message to visitors

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  • Cliff Blakely

    Well done.

    Wednesday, May 13 @ 3:47 pm
  • Mike P

    It may be a little different? Well it’s going to be a lot different!!
    For reference:
    1463 Americans lost their life to Covid 19 yesterday
    Covid cases are increasing locally
    Our grocery stores have very little meat
    You will be lucky to find a roll of toilet paper
    Our bars and restaurants are closed except for takeout
    We still have no way of knowing who is contagious and who is safe
    Our workers are frightened by the thought of being face to face with so many more people from so many different places. Please note most workers love people and love to serve the vacationers… that is what they live for but our workers don’t want to be “dying” to serve you this year.
    If you still want to come here for your vacation please bring supplies for yourself and if you are able please bring supplies for our local food banks. Don’t wait until you get here to go shopping because we don’t have it!
    And above all PLEASE BE EXTRA KIND AND HAVE EXTRA PATIENCE when around our workers. Yeah it’s been rough so far…

    Wednesday, May 13 @ 4:31 pm
  • Double E

    Being an OBX resident, I have been reading, with a great deal of interest and concern, the plans that have been published here in The Voice. I fully realize that we live in a resort area, and visitors from different states choose to come here to enjoy the different attractions and amenities that are either present or offered here.

    I have ventured out on only a few occasions to basically grocery shop. The stores have posted signs advising customers that face coverings are required to enter, social distancing is required and waiting points marked on floors. I have seen, that now, employees are all wearing face masks, and if working in meat or deli areas are wearing gloves also.

    Very concerning to me is the fact that, as of late, more customers are choosing to forego the wearing of face masks. Even more concerning is the fact that these relatively few individuals are not stopped from entering the business. We wear face masks to afford us a little better degree of protection from becoming infected with COVID-19. The greater protection is given to others from the face mask wearer. We have no testing here, and there is no provision in place for contact tracing. With many visitors arriving beginning this weekend, business owners need to be more vigilant and compliant in following the rules for bringing businesses back, while protecting both employees and customers. How many people does it take to start an outbreak of COVID-19?

    Thursday, May 14 @ 8:39 am
  • Lou Briccant

    Double E, the face coverings are RECOMMENDED not REQUIRED.

    Thursday, May 14 @ 9:37 am
  • Lil Johnny

    You do the math Transplants

    Actual Cases (1.7 million: 10 times the number of confirmed cases)
    New York State conducted an antibody testing study [source], showing that 12.3% of the population in the state had COVID-19 antibodies as of May 1, 2020. The survey developed a baseline infection rate by testing 15,103 people at grocery stores and community centers across the state over the preceding two weeks. The study provides a breakdown by county, race (White 7%, Asian 11.1%, multi/none/other 14.4%, Black 17.4%, Latino/Hispanic 25.4%), and age, among other variables. 19.9% of the population of New York City had COVID-19 antibodies. With a population of 8,398,748 people in NYC, this percentage would indicate that 1,671,351 people had been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and had recovered as of May 1 in New York City. The number of confirmed cases reported as of May 1 by New York City was 166,883 [source], more than 10 times less.

    Thursday, May 14 @ 9:38 am