As expected, March meals & occupancy revenues sink

By on May 22, 2020

Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Executive Director Lee Nettles.

Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

Everyone knew that the March numbers wouldn’t be pretty, and they weren’t. In a new video, summarizing the May meeting of the Dare County Tourism Board, Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Executive Director Lee Nettles reviewed the key revenue numbers from March. That was the month in which the impact of the COVID-19 virus struck with full force and the county was closed to visitors and non-resident property owners.

In March, occupancy revenue totaled about $3.6 million, down 62% from last year’s number of about $9.4 million. Meals revenue in March was not down by quite as large a percentage as it fell 47%, down to $7.5 million from almost $14 million in March 2019.

“We knew it was coming, but still — ‘ouch,’” said Nettles. “Unfortunately, we know already that April isn’t going to be any better, probably going to be worse,”

“On the positive side, early reports from our rental companies and others on the beach is that we’re coming back strong for Memorial Day weekend and beyond,” Nettles added. “So, here’s to more positive numbers up ahead.”

Nettles also unveiled a new tune that is part of a local safety campaign developed by the Visitors Bureau with the tagline, “Be Safe, Be Smart, Have Fun.”  You can watch the Dare County Tourism Board Recap | May 2020 here, the song begins at the 4:40 mark of the video.




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  • surf123

    Instead of being happy tourists are coming with their bags of money the county keeps sticking it to them. It’s all greed. Worst of all most of the money is blown.

    Saturday, May 23 @ 12:39 pm